Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An unexpected trip to Denver

I really do have the most amazing wife.  This past week, she treated me and the bean to an all expenses paid trip to Denver for a friends wedding and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  On Thursday, I experienced what was without a doubt, the worst job interview of my life and I desperately needed to get the hell out of dodge.

The interview was a 3rd and final interview for an organization that I had become very excited to work for.  The first two interviews were with S, a gentleman based out of Arizona and they went fantastically.  Not only was the position one in which I would be using the same skills I’ve developed over the previous 8 years, but they were also willing to nearly match my previous salary, which was awesome.  I was told in the first two interviews that my training would require that I be in Arizona for two weeks (with the option to come home on weekends) and that the job would require that I travel over-night three days a month.  This was all totally doable. 

In my final interview, the one I spent nearly two weeks preparing for, the one that I wrote a long and very detailed 30, 60, 90 day business plan for, as well as a presentation and a bunch of other stuff, completely fell apart.  I found out that the training in AZ was actually 3 weeks and that the main boss didn’t foresee me coming home on the weekends as an option.  More importantly, I learned that the position would require that I be away from home on over-night travel 2 WEEKS a month, not 3 days.  This meant that I would be away from my family 50% of the time, all the time and that was just not an option for me.  I ended up cutting the interview short explaining that this was NOT what was communicated to me over the previous three weeks and that I was no longer interested in the position.

As you can imagine, I was more than a little upset.  I was upset that I allowed myself to get excited and begin envisioning working for the organization.  I was upset that I was completely misinformed and mislead.  I felt guilty for missing family time and taking up G’s time preparing for all three interviews and I felt embarrassed for having told more than a few people that I felt really good about the position.  Most of all, I was upset that I allowed myself to completely slack on the job hunting for nearly a month thinking that I had found the perfect job.  Now, as it turns out, that was all time wasted. :(

My wife, the eternal optimist, keeps telling me that this was all a good thing.  That it’s given me more “life experience” that I can use in the future and that the organization was clearly not family friendly and if we’re planning to TTC #2 with me soon, this didn’t sound like the ideal place to work.  I guess she’s right… but it still sucks.  It sucks that I feel like the mayor of Loserville over here blogging about my laid-off situation (again) nearly two months later.  I’m so over it, as I’m sure you’re over reading about it.  In trying to “keep it real” here in blogland, we all, at times, have to write about the shitty stuff I guess and this is, without a doubt the shit storm I’m currently dealing with… Let’s hope that this is my last post about it and better things are just around the corner.  Fingers crossed!

Anywho, back to Denver.  It was an absolutely amazing 4 days with my little family and I LOVED every minute of it.  Georgia and I have often said that if we had to live anywhere besides New Mexico, it would be Denver.  The days were packed with toddler activities and yummy meals so I’ll be sure to share some of those photos soon.  Until then, I’ll leave you with a few pics of our road trip out to beautiful Colorado.  Grace did A-mazing (thank god for the ipad and endless episodes of Dora the Explorer)!  She didn’t whine or make so much as a peep until we were about 5 hours into the trip.  As it turned out she was hungry and while we hoped to fit the 6-hour drive in between an early breakfast and late lunch with the help of snacks, she wanted real food.  Soon after our lunch break we arrived in Denver ready to begin 4 days of adventure.

Thank you for a wonderful mini-vacay babe.  It was much needed and I had a great time!

The bean sitting on top of my Jeep as we were getting ready to hit the road.

The only way to travel. :)

We drove by a wind farm on the open road and it was pretty cool.  I had never seen a wind turbine in person.  They are huge!

Me and the stinker at our lunch pit stop.

I asked Grace to draw me some flowers on her Etch a Sketch and she proceeded to spend 20 minutes creating her masterpiece, hehe.

More pictures of our Denver trip coming soon. :)


  1. That you made it to the final interview and had been so prepared says so much about you. it also says that you won't have any problem getting another job that lets you stay home.

    So glad you had such a good time in Denver...and WAY TO GO GRACIE for being so nice to your moms'

  2. That sucks that they weren't honest about the job. They probably figured that no one would say yes if they were up front about things. Denver sounds awesome! Looking forward to more pics!

  3. How frustrating. LIke K said, being that prepared for your interview says a TON about you. The right position that allows you work-life-balance is out there.

    The Denver trip sounded fantastic. Can't wait to see the pics! Can Gracie teach T&Q how to be that good in the car?!

  4. Oh girl, something even MORE perfect and MORE fabulous is just around the corner for you. They wanted you bad and someone else will too. Enjoy this time with Grace (as much as you can) and try not to get so down on yourself.

    I so wish we still lived in Colorado!! We could have totally met up for some great food and fun. :D

  5. Ugh!!!!! The interview stuff sucks! You know I feel your pain so with that being said, I'm so happy you had this surprise trip to Denver. Beautiful pictures!

  6. I triple love the picture of her sitting on the jeep! That little girl is seriously the cutest!

    I am on board with everyone else, the fact that you made it through 2 interviews shows the immense potential that others see in you. Keep your head up, when the time is right, the RIGHT job will come. Maybe the universe is telling you that you are supposed to be TTC #2 instead of job hunting ;)

  7. You guys are awesome. Thank you for the encouraging words. :)


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