Monday, August 19, 2013

Me, Me!

That’s the name Grace has given her cousin, Mia.  She LOVES to say it and she says it often.  Any time we’re on our way to a play date with M or a family night, Grace yells, “me, meeee!” in the backseat the entire drive to our destination.  It’s pretty darn adorable.  My mom will tell G and I stories of Mia squealing with glee anytime she sees a picture of Grace at Nani’s house and often asks my mom where Grace is, which makes my heart so happy, especially considering the girls aren’t even two years old yet and already they enjoy each others company.

While G and M are cousins and will obviously be in each other’s lives forever, I love that they’re friends too.  It definitely makes the TTC #2 break a lot easier on me.  I want nothing more than for my little one to have a sibling, a partner in crime and a person to build tents out of sheets with.  And while she may not have a built-in-buddy here at home yet, she does have her Me, Me.  I’m thankful for that. :)

Here are a few recent iphone pictures taken of G&M’s little adventures.

Family night celebrating our nephew Oc’s birthday at the local fun zone!  This was our first time visiting even though both G and I have driven by the enormous structure a hundred times.  I rode some of the adult rides and felt like I was going to barf… I’m getting old.  Good times!

Here Mia, have a pea. :)

Oh thanks.  Here’s a spoon full of Jell-O!

Dance Revolution with auntie Ang.

And the ride that almost made me spill my cookies… That’s my brother in the picture (trying to hold it together) haha!

Toddler air hockey!

Play date at the city’s JUMP center!  Who knew there are warehouses full of jumpers all over town?!  Now that it’s back to school for the big kids, Toddle Time has started on weekday mornings.  The girls had so much fun!

The bean was so brave!  She slide down the big slide three times before deciding it was too scary for her, hehe. ;)

They didn’t even ask for quarters…

There were six jumpers to play in but the girls really loved the crayon castle and big slide!  Apparently, so did Georgia, lol.

Restaurant fun with two toddlers is possible.  We had zero meltdowns and they shared crayons and snacks.  They did however make a huge mess.  I had to scrape mac and cheese, fruit and ketchup off the floor before we left. ;) 

So silly.  Love them!


  1. Best cousins already. Very cute.

  2. Oof. I remember being little and NEVER getting sick or dizzy, no matter what was happening. Those days are done. And you are so lucky to have cousins close to Grace's age and nearby! The only cousins we have live way far away, which definitely puts the sibling pressure back on!

    1. I'm still pretty good about riding rides (and often force myself to ride everything in an effort to stay young and hip, lol) but this one was out of control.

      Sending baby dust to you in TTC #2!

  3. LOVE the pics of G & M :) They remind me of my girls. Funny enough, Teagan calls Quinn, "Mimi". It is her version of "Mini", which is what we called Quinn for a long time.

    1. Thanks Ashleigh, they're my little cuties! That's so adorable that Teagan calls Quinn mimi. :)

  4. They are too cute together! How precious that they are already best friends! Love all the pictures! So sweet!

    1. I'm waiting for the day that they start fighting over dolls and toys like I did with my cousins, but so far so good, hehe!

  5. soooooooo cute!! cousins are like siblings, Siennas big cousin is her idol

  6. These pictures make me smile! I can't wait to do all that with our family!


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