Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Denver Aquarium

Water, fishies and sharks, what’s not to love!  I’ve been to a few aquariums in my day but this was the first “real” visit for the bean.  We took her when she was just 5 weeks old for her first “play date” but she slept nearly the entire time as most newborns do.  This visit was a completely different experience and so much fun.

Grace is into pointing at everything these days and is so very curious.  As we walked from room to room in the aquarium she didn’t even know what to look at, she was so excited.  All G and I heard from her for the first 30 minutes or so was, “wow!”, “oh wow!”  It was so funny to watch.  

At one point during our tour of the aquarium, we entered a room that looked like a cave.  It was really dark and wet and smelled weird, when all of a sudden the lights started flashing and a simulation of a flash flood came blaring over the speaker system.  Grace FREAKED out.  Poor thing, it scarred the heck out of her and sent her into a cry spiral for the next 10 minutes…

When we passed this tank Grace yelled, “Memo”!  That’s her version of Nemo, haha.

The rest of our time in Denver was spent eating way too much yummy food.

 Swimming in what ended up being our own private swimming pool!

And most important of all, celebrating G’s best friend’s wedding!

J was such a beautiful bride and Grace looked pretty cute too. :)
Congratulations Jackie and Curtis!

Summer Bucket List: Visit the Aquarium – check!


  1. Oh my! This looks like an awesome aquarium. I think my Alex would be in fish heaven! I must say I absolutely love the pigtails on Grace. So cute!

  2. I'm sure he would! Thankfully Grace still allows me to do her hair. I'm hoping her toddler-ness keeps letting me do it! ;)

  3. That little wedding dress is ADORABLE!!! Looks like a fun aquarium! The most epic meltdown that Little Monster has ever had was at an aquarium when he was around Grace's was also set off by some crazy flashing lights and noise. You would think that aquarium people would know better, as little ones are their frequent customers.

  4. Thanks Amanda! It was a gift from one of her uncles (good taste for a dude)! And yes, you would think they would know better. I'm sure they see 10+ meltdowns a day thanks to that commotion, lol. ;)


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