Monday, October 14, 2013

{2013 International Balloon Fiesta}

This past weekend, we loaded up the Jeep and headed to the NM Balloon Fiesta bright and early.  This is an event that I’ve attended every year since I was a born and it’s been a dream come true to take my little one these past two years.  Last year, Grace was just 7 months old, so while she seemed to enjoy looking at all the balloons, it was freezing out and she much preferred to bundle up under blankets and sleep.  This year was a whole new ball game.

We wanted to let the bean sleep in as late as possible so we waited until 4:45am to wake her.  In less than 20 minutes, we had to do a diaper change, get her dressed, do her hair (which involves wetting her head) and give her a sippy of milk.  I was convinced that we were going to have a screaming child on our hands, which would have been totally understandable but she did pretty good.  Aside from some whimpering on the drive over, she handled it like a champ.  All we had to do was tell her that she was going to see her cousins soon and that seemed to keep the crying at bay.  Thank goodness for those kiddos!

Like his auntie Kristi, Rudy is not a morning person. ;)

The view from our hospitality tent was beautiful!

My brother and his family followed us to the park where we had VIP parking and tent passes thanks to my mom and Georgia’s connections, woot!  The VIP parking alone cut out 40+ minutes of waiting in line so that was awesome.  We met my mom and her boyfriend at the Balloon Fiesta RV Park where they were camping and enjoyed a mimosa before heading to the Garduno’s hospitality tent.  We enjoyed breakfast and hot coco while the balloonists began inflating the first round of balloons to take off.

Grace was fascinated by all of the balloons.  She spent the better part of the morning pointing at the sky shouting, “BAWOON” and wanted very much to be out of her stroller.  We didn’t want to keep her strapped in all morning, so there was a lot of climbing in and out and rides on mommy’s shoulders.  There are thousands of people at the balloon park every morning, which is what made us a little nervous to have her unbuckled, but she did good about holding our hands and was as happy as could be anytime G carried her.

There was definitely no napping at the Balloon Fiesta this year. :) 

The rest of our morning was spent visiting the arts and crafts tents and picking up little touristy things at the vendor booths.  Gracie’s souvenir was a bubble-blowing gun, which she LOVED. 

One of the many, many reasons I love living in New Mexico is that every year, for the first two weeks of October, the sky is filled with balloons.  There are thousands of balloon enthusiasts who travel here for these two weeks, year after year, and there are literally hundreds of balloons that fill the sky every day. Having this as your backdrop while driving to work or running errands in the morning is absolutely amazing.

Oh and yay for finally using our profession grade camera!  In this post you can definitely tell the difference between the Nikon shots and the iphone pics.  We still don’t really know what we’re doing when we use our "fancy" camera but the more we use it, the better we'll get I'm sure!


  1. Before I read your post, I was thinking to myself, gosh these pictures are great! haha. That's definitely a good camera and Gracie is just as cute as ever! That must be awesome to see all of those balloons.

  2. Love the pics!! I have always wanted to go to a balloon festival! We should put that on our bucket list! Looks like a lot of fun :)

  3. The most important thing about going year after year is getting those pictures. Love them.

  4. Seriously I think I need to add this to my bucket list, it looks so beautiful. We got a good camera recently too, I have no idea how to use it in manual!

  5. I can't wait until we do this one day!!! It's been a plan for EVER, but hasn't happened yet. The pics are awesome!

  6. Those pictures are amazing! Wow - that is something I am going to have to see.

  7. Wow, such awesome pictures. Looks like it was fun.

  8. These pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! I am dying over the ones of Gracie atop the shoulders and cheesing big. Such wonderful memories in the making :)

  9. Thanks guys! The Balloon Fiesta is definitely something to see, so yes, add it to your bucket list for sure! I'm happy with how the pictures came out BUT only about 10 of the 30 that I took weren't blurry, lol. I've got to learn how to use my flippin' camera already. ;)


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