Friday, October 11, 2013

The first of many BIG family weddings

My dad was the oldest of 7 siblings, so his side of the family is quite large.  From those 7, came 22 first cousins and we are all loud, mostly extroverted and very close.  With my dad being the big brother, my siblings and I are the eldest of the cousins as well, with ages ranging from 34 down to 14 years old.  The wedding of my cousin C and his fianc√© R was the first event to bring us all together in several YEARS.  It was an absolute blast!

{Me and my sibs}

{My little family.  Gracie’s smile in this picture makes me so happy.}

Before C and R’s wedding, my brother and I were the only ones that had been married out of the cousins.  My bro and his wife tied the knot in Las Vegas, NV several years ago and Georgia and I were married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2009.  Both weddings were small, Georgia and I had around 40 guests, so neither my brother nor myself had the big traditional New Mexican wedding.  C’s wedding was the first big one in the family and they definitely went all out.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Botanical Gardens and the weather was beautiful.  Kids were invited to join so we brought Grace praying she would behave, as she usually does.  She did for the most part but she was still pretty noisy... toddlers. ;)  G ended up spending the majority of the ceremony walking the grounds with Grace and Mia so as not to interrupt the vows.  Thanks babe.

Gracie got her first “pedicure” for the wedding, meaning her mamas let her get her toenails painted the lightest shade of pink available, lol.  I still felt guilty afterword and decided we’ll wait a few more years before she gets to wear big girl nail polish.  I swear, I turn more and more into my mother everyday… so old fashioned… ha!  

Me and the bean wore matching dresses, which was unintentional but looked so cute in pictures.  I bought my top weeks before and then found Gracie’s little dress on sale and with G’s coupon; we ended up getting it for 3 DOLLARS!  I love a good deal and I’m thinking I’m going to have to get us matching outfits again one of these days.  

The wedding hall was gorgeous!  Everything was lit with twinkling lights and the music even had me on the dance floor, which is something that rarely occurs.  Gaga and Papa picked Grace up for a sleep over after the ceremony, so we had a night sans the babe and even splurged on a room at the hotel.

The bride and groom looked beautiful and we couldn’t be happier for them!  Congratulations you two and thank you for bringing us all together for such a great night.

Until we meet again, cousins. :)

In other news, I’m so excited that fall is here!  It’s my favorite season for so many reasons but the biggest reasons would be that it’s chile season (woot!), the Balloon Fiesta is here and Halloween is just around the corner.  I’ve started sewing Gracie’s costume and I think it’s going to be adorbs!  She’s going to be The Little Mermaid.

Happy Friday friends :)


  1. The idea of a big family is crazy to me! I have a whooping two 1st cousins. Right? I loved these pictures. And what a great steal on Gracie's dress. I will have to share my coupon obsession with you someday. It's a bit much.

    1. Holy moly, two cousins?! I can't imagine how that would be either. Much less crazy I'm guessing, lol. Please do share your coupon obsession/tips. A post on that perhaps. :)

  2. That picture of the wedding ceremony in the gardens is GORGEOUS ! SO pretty.
    I thought that was a cultural thing. Like Greeks. :)
    Whenever you talk about getting together with your family I think about Fools Rush In. I LOVE that movie....which is probably and slightly why I'm so jealous of your big loving family.

    Your wife is a rock star. I hate being the babysitter when attending a grown up event hell. I hate being the babysitter most of the time :) ha ha ha

    1. I laughed so much when I read this comment because you hit the nail on the head. Our family gatherings are big and loud with music, tons of food and everyone talking over each other. It took G a few years to get the hang of things but she's acclimated, bahaha.

      Georgia doesn't like being stuck with the little kids either. Sometimes I get caught up in what's going on at family parties and such and forget, but I'm getting better about it. It's not my fault... all the kiddos love her.

  3. Beautiful weddings! I love seeing all the LOVE in the pictures :) The holidays are my favorite. Christmas being my first and Halloween being my second! I am too working on our Halloween outfits too! :)

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see what you put together for Halloween. You're so crafty that I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

  4. What a beautiful wedding (great pictures too!) And I love the ones of your little girl... that pedicure is adorable!
    And look at all of the beautiful, awesome photos of your little girl over the months along the side of your blog... *squeee*
    Nooo.. I'm not a first time reader. lol.

    But I'll certainly be back for more!

    1. Hi Heather, I'm glad you found our little piece of the blogosphere! I miss taking our little ones monthly picture but it also started to get pretty tough the older she got, ha. I look forward to visiting your blog. :)

  5. You're probably distantly related to Rebeca in some way. lol She has 48 first cousins on just ONE side. :)

    I love big families and parties. Do you guys do the Marcha?? I can hold my own, in case you wanted to invite us to your vow renewal. :D

    1. We probably are related in some way, lol! And do we do the Marcha?!!! Does a bear shit in the woods?! Ha. :)


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