Monday, October 28, 2013

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch {and missing my pops}

This past weekend we spent our Sunday visiting the Pumpkin Patch with G’s parents.  We waited until the last day it was open thinking that we could snag some discounted admission and that it would be less busy.  Man, were we wrong – it was packed!  It was actually busier than we’ve ever seen it before, which just goes to show that we aren’t the only parents around who put these kinds of things off until the last minute, hehe.

We were all starving when we arrived so we started with lunch.  Following our meal of festival food, we visited the pumpkin jumper for toddlers.  Our little jumping bean loved it and didn’t want to get off when it was time to go.  With that being said, both G and I were sooooo over the jumping after about 20 minutes.  It’s just not as fun when you’re a grown woman who is not dressed appropriately for jumping (if you know what I mean) ha!  It cracked me up to see the kids flying about in the picture of G and Gracie on the jumper.  So funny! ;)

Grace played in the sandbox full of corn, filling and emptying buckets while examining the ears of corn that were mixed in.  There were so many kids but both G and I managed to squeeze in for some corn play with our little gal.

We checked out the bunny town, which was a favorite of Gracie’s last year and was by no surprise, still a favorite! 

Our visit was so much fun but a little hard on me, which I didn’t expect at all.

As we took our hayride out to the pumpkin patch, a kind of sadness washed over me, a sadness that I try to hide away as much as possible.  The weather was beautiful and Grace was in the best mood.  As we drove out to the field, she hugged on her papa giving him kisses while smiling for pictures.  It really was adorable.  When we arrived, we all spread out to hunt for pumpkins but baby girl only wanted to go with her papa.  As I watched her run after him, my heart hurt.  I missed my dad and wished so very much that Gracie’s grandpa Rudy was there with us, and that she was chasing after him.  Earlier this month marked the 15th anniversary of his death and when I think about the fact that he’s been gone for almost as many years as I had him here with me, I’m filled with such sadness.  He would have been one of those amazing grandpas.  The kind that all of Gracie’s friends would have wished they had.  He would have taken her on adventures and taught her all about classic rock and music appreciation.  He would have shown her how to make the most amazing meals and given her the green thumb that I most certainly do not possess.  And as much as I so desperately wish this could happen, it can’t, and that’s just something I will have to continue to accept.

Anytime I am outdoors on a beautiful day and the sun is shinning, I think of him, as I did yesterday in the pumpkin patch.  I don’t cry in front of strangers when I have these tough moments, but I do try to find a quite place to collect myself and then I move on.  Focusing on the positive is something I struggle with at times but try my best to do in every situation.  While I miss my dad with all my heart, I am so thankful that Gracie has her papa.  I’m thankful that she has such loving uncles and the best big boy cousins to protect and love her.  These will be the men in her life as she grows, and it makes me happy to know that many of them carry a little piece of my dad in their hearts, as do I.  We will be the ones to teach her all about her grandpa Rudy and what an amazing man he was and guardian angel he will always be to her.  If nothing else, I am thankful for that.

Happy pumpkin picking my little cutie.  
Thank you for always lifting my spirits when I have a heavy heart.

xo, mama


  1. :( I'm so sorry. I'm glad that she has her papa to chase after.

  2. I'm sorry that it was so difficult, but glad that you had your little pumpkin to lift your spirits. They're good like that :)

    1. Yes, they most certainly are. I try to remember that anytime a tough day comes around. Thanks. :)

  3. That looks like such a fun set up! We keep saying that we are going to take Noah to one. Nathan says he's too big to go to a pumpkin patch : ( Teenager party pooper is what I told him he was. Ha!
    I can't imagine what it must be like to lose your dad. I know he would have been a great Papa for Gracie. You will have to tell her lots of stories about him so that she will know what an amazing man he was : )
    I know I'm thankful for my dad and he relationship with our boys...I try to not take it for granted!


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