Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey Little Mermaid, happy Halloween!  And what a happy day it was, from beginning to end.  I have a feeling that much like your mamas, Halloween is going to end up being a favorite holiday of yours.  Considering the fact that your moms let you indulge on junk food all day long, it’s no wonder you had such a great day.  Now we just have to wait for those sugar withdrawals to kick in…

Before heading out the door to begin our Halloween adventures, we lit the pumpkins we carved on Halloween Eve and left a big bowl of candy by the front door with a note.  Our note asked that everyone grab a handful of candy and guess what?!  They did… every last piece.  Mama was just glad that her Tupperware was still by the front door when we got home!

I love the picture of mommy cracking up, haha!

You started the day visiting mommy’s work for some trick-or-treating.  Can you believe you were the only little trick-or-treater that visited the office!  This meant that you were spoiled even more than usual.  You visited each office several times and mama had to eventually cut the candy palooza off because she knew that the more sweets you came home with, the more sweets she would end up eating!

After mommy got out of work we headed to your auntie and uncles for a Halloween potluck.  You had so much fun with all of your cousins and best of all – you WON the costume contest!  Your prize for winning was a Mickey Mouse music mat.  Mama was beaming with pride as you collected your award. :)

In all of the Halloween chaos, your moms forgot to have a family picture taken of the three of us, so this is as good as it’s going to get.  At least two out of the three of us were looking at the camera. ;)

We ended our day with a visit to your auntie A’s house.  All of your cousins were there and they actually waited to go trick-or-treating just so they could see you in your costume!  When we walked in the house you were ambushed with kisses, hugs and there were plenty of oohs and ahhs to go around.  All in all, you made out like a bandit.  So after today, no candy for a month (or two)!

What a difference a year can make! Happy Halloween little stinker. :)


  1. What a busy & fun day! I love the costume, maybe I'll actually try sewing a costume or 2, make that 3 next year :)

  2. How fun! Of COURSE your costume won.
    Fun fun !

  3. Thanks guys! It was a fun day. :)

  4. I love the costume! So cute.


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