Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Crafting: DIY Dough Ornaments

In keeping with tradition, I decided to make another set of DIY Christmas ornaments this year.  Last year, I made a few for the bean out of cookie cutters with some of our first family photos as the backdrop.  I had only made one set for us, so when my sis came to visit over the holiday and wanted to take all of them home with her, I knew I would need to make more than a few the next time around.

I came across several dough ornament ideas on FB but liked this recipe the most because it looked to be the easiest!  There wasn’t a source listed on the picture I based my recipe off, so thank you to whoever shared this idea on the World Wide Web!  They baked perfectly and turned out super cute.

I knew that Grace was still too small to help me make the dough mix but in place of that she was given lots of flour, some dough and several cookie cutters to play with while mama worked and she seemed to have a blast with it!  Aside from the 3.5 hours cooking time, the entire project took about 2 hours from beginning to end.  The painting took the longest but that’s only because I painted one at a time over several days.  Here are the steps I followed …

What you’ll need: flour, water, salt, (white, red & black) paint, paint brushes, string or ribbon, clear acrylic sealer, a rolling pin and a cookie sheet.

Step 1: Preheat oven to 225 degrees.

Step 2: In a large bowl mix 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup salt, ½ cup water and knead until dough forms.  This will make enough dough for 3-4 ornaments.

Step 3: using a cutting board and rolling pin, roll a ball of dough flat.  Make sure the rolled out dough is big enough to get an impression of your little ones hand in the middle.  When making your impression, push down on your kiddos hand and finger to get a good imprint!  I placed the rolled out dough on the cookie sheet before having Grace make her hand impression.

Step 4: once finished with your handprint, cut the print out with a butter knife and poke a small hole in the top.  This will be used to hang the ornament with string or ribbon.  Place cookie sheet in oven and cook @ 225 degrees for 3.5 hours.

Step 5: Allow time for your ornaments to cool before painting.  Once ornaments are painted, tie a piece of string through the hole and spray the front and back with the clear acrylic sealer.  The sealer dries pretty quickly and then you’re done!

Here is Gracie 2013 DIY dough hand ornament.  I think it turned out pretty stinkin’ cute if I do say so myself. :)

  Now, I leave you with this little video of our gal counting @ 21 months.  She LOVES to practice and has even made it to 20 a few times!  This voice makes me so very happy. 


  1. You are SO crafty! Adorable!

    Also yay New Mexico! (made me think of you guys!)

  2. Thanks so much! Yesterday was a great day to be a New Mexican.

    Just wait until that little baby of yours makes her/his way to you. You're going to find yourself becoming more crafty than you ever imagined! :)

  3. Very cute!!!

    And I want to chime in with another YAY for New Mexico!!!!! I thought of you all yesterday when announced :)

    PS-Got the Christmas card/thank you card. So sweet, but the gift card was completely unnecessary. Though very much appreciated by the coffee loving Kris, lol

    1. NM, woot woot! I'm so glad you got our Christmas card and of course the gift card was necessary! It was a small gesture for such an adorable gift. :)

  4. Those came out so cute! Great job!

  5. What a smarty pants. I love her voice...super cute.
    That ornament turned out darling.

    1. That little voice kills me - totally melts my heart. Thanks :)


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