Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi Santa!

Friday was quite the eventful afternoon for our kiddo.  Not only did she visit Santa but she got her ears pierced, as well!  Georgia and I had plans to pierce Grace’s ears after her second round of vaccinations when she was little, but we totally forgot about it.  Months later we planned to pierce her ears before her one year pictures, but didn’t get around to doing it.  Then the summer came and went and, well, you get the idea.  Fast-forward several more months and a, "we’re here at the mall so we might as well do it" situation presented itself and tada – pierced ears!

The Bean’s Gaga and Papa joined us on our visit to see Santa so they were able to come along for the ear piercing as well.  I was convinced that Grace would flip out when we handed her to Santa because I feel like all the Santa pictures I’ve seen this year have been crying pictures, but she surprised us all.  When we were next in line, we told her that she was going to sit on Santa’s lap and needed to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  Her response, SOFIA!  I swear she loves that little princess and since she’s been a good kiddo this year, I’m pretty sure Santa is going to bring her one. ;)

To be totally honest, the freak out – crying hysterically, Santa pictures are my favorite!  This is the face the bean gave me when I asked her to smile, lol.

There were two ladies working the counter we visited to pierce Gracie’s ears so thankfully they were able to pierce both ears at the same time.  Here is a play-by-play of how things unfolded…

A little chapstick to get the party started!

And a little distraction candy…

Umm… mommy, what’s going on here?

Sweet Jesus!!!  What have you people done to me?!  

Nothing a little ice cream and candy can’t fix.

After some sugar and a dinner out, we left the mall with a happy girl in tow wearing two pretty pearl earrings. :)

How is it possible that our gal has already visited Santa for TWO Christmas’?

In Christmas crafting news... When I was 3, I made a little pinecone ornament in Bible School and even though it’s tattered and has barely any glitter left (29 years later), it’s always been one of my favorites.  I knew I wanted to make a matching one for the bean, so when we took her on her first camping trip last year, I collected a pinecone from the woods and I’ve been holding on to it since.  Tonight after Grace went to bed, I made her a pinecone ornament just like her mama’s.  I hope she loves her ornament in 30 years as much as I love mine. 

Christmas, oh how I love thee.


  1. You got some excellent Santa pictures! The year has gone so fast hasn't it!! Goodness, we are going to have 2 year old girls soon! :) Here's to a new year Mama. Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas :)

    1. 2 YEARS OLD, ahhhhhh! How did that happen so fast?? Please Rachael, figure out a way for us to freeze time...

  2. So glad that the santa went well. Love her "smile" face :)

    What a brave little girl. And now to accessorize her.

    1. Thanks K! If only she would let us clean her ears/earrings... that's been the biggest challenge thus far. It's a good thing her little pearls look super cute!

  3. Replies
    1. I never get sick of hearing that and I obviously agree. Thanks Spring!


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