Sunday, April 20, 2014

16/52: Happy Easter!

Today has been all about family, good food, candy, ping-pong, baseball, egg hunting and tons of pictures!  We’ve been on the go since this morning and are just now settling in for the night, so while I have yet to upload photos of our day, I will leave you with this.  A picture of a beautiful little girl who can’t possible be our teenie baby all grown up, and yet she is.

Action (and photo) packed post coming soon!  I hope you all had a blessed day with your families.  Happy Easter everyone! :)


  1. Well - that bunny isn't as scary as some I saw in my Facebook feed yesterday. Glad you guys had a good Easter!

  2. The Bunnies really generally creep me out...but the second one probably won't haunt my nightmares. Cute kid regardless ;) You guys have such a bumpin scheduled! Happy belated birthday to your boo!


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