Monday, April 21, 2014

Pre-Easter Shenanigans

You know you’ve had an action packed Easter weekend when even your toddler is calling it a night and opting for an early bedtime.  That’s the kind of weekend we’ve had around here and I think we’re all still recovering.  I wanted to fit our Easter shenanigans into one post but I’m thinking a pre/post Easter wrap-up is needed this year, so here goes.

Visiting the Easter Bunny almost didn’t happen but we managed to squeeze it in.  In all honesty, the holiday totally snuck up on us and we realized on Friday that Easter was in two days and we still hadn’t visited Mr. Bunny.  We ended up dropping by the mall on the way home from the Bean’s soccer practice Saturday and it was surprisingly pretty empty and thankfully the bunny they had wasn’t freaky looking so that was nice. ;)

As much as I love comparing Gracie’s Easter Bunny and Santa pictures from year to year, I really wouldn’t have minded skipping it this year had it not been for the fact that we already promised our little one and she doesn’t forget promises, like ever… In the end I’m glad we went because she was pretty stinkin’ cute.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the bunny the entire time we were in line and even politely asked him for candies and cookies before giving him a big hug as we were leaving.  It was adorable.

Because we were already at the Mall (a place we only visit twice a year), we did a little shopping, picking up last minute Easter gifts for Gracie’s cousins.  Old Navy also happened to be having a 30% off everything sale so we took advantage of that and scored some super cute and super cheap summer gear for the Bean.  By the time we headed home she was out like a light and when it came time to wake her once we got home to get ready for bed, it was like waking a bear.  A tiny and oh so grumpy little bear!

This was the first year we colored eggs with the Bean and she was overjoyed at the idea of playing with “paint” and eggs.  We explained the process to her and G demonstrated the dying of one egg as an example… We then let her go for it!  It was messy, oh Lord was it messy.  She wanted to do every step on her own, which meant maneuvering one of those wire egg scoops… Something even us mamas have a hard time with.  Thankfully I prepared for extreme messiness and laid out my plastic crafting mat before we began.  I’m happy to report that our dinning room table survived the night and thank goodness for that!  With my many projects over the years, I’ve put that poor table through enough.

Gracie’s idea of coloring her eggs was to drop the egg from a foot above the dish causing dye to splash EVERYWHERE and many eggs to crack, but we let her do it.  G got a bit stressed at first but we held true to the plan and just let her have fun.  She ended up preferring to paint her eggs with a paintbrush in the end, which meant much less mess – a win, win in my book.  When it was time to wrap things up and get ready for bed it was meltdown city, but that’s pretty much the norm anytime we have to call it quits when doing something fun these days.  Ahh, the joys of toddler-hood. ;)

Easter egg art courtesy of the Bean!

When Grace was just a few weeks old I made her a little Easter basket that she used again last year.  This year I decided to upgrade her basket to something bigger and figured out a way to construct it using just a stapler and glue gun.  No sewing machine required, woot!  G was tasked with picking out the goodies and I would have to say while she did go a bit overboard, she picked out some great stuff.  You gotta love the dollar section at Tar.get!

My wifey-poo also celebrated her birthday with a little par-tay I threw her with a few close friends on Friday night.  It was an extremely busy weekend so in hindsight, I probably should have had it the weekend before Easter but we decided to just go for it and she seemed to have a blast.  Grace spent the night with her grandparents so we were sans baby overnight, for the first time in months.  G’s goal on this night (considering we had zero mama duties) was to drink some wine and get nice and buzzed, haha!  She was successful but definitely paid for it on Saturday when we had soccer practice, errands to run, an Easter Bunny to visit and eggs to dye.  And while she did have to nurse a headache, I’m just so glad she had a good time.  With all the carpooling, crazy work hours and other things that fill her weeks, she needed a night to let her hair down.  Happy birthday baby cakes. :)

And there you have it, our hectic but super fun Easter weekend. 
I hope you all had a fab weekend as well and keep the pictures coming!  I’m loving all the Easter posts and bunny pics.  So fun! 

More Easter pictures coming soon... as soon as I find my camera...


  1. So cute! An egg dyeing tip I learned from Pin.terest a few years ago: Put the egg inside of a wire whisk! Works AWESOME! We did it again this year with my 4 year old :)

    1. Thanks for the awesome tip! I don't know how I missed the wire whisk memo because almost all my mom friends who have toddlers knew about it! I'll be sure to do that next year if needed and with little one #2 for sure.

  2. Yeah, we didn't do eggs or the bunny this year. It sucks when the holiday overlaps with everyone's birthdays! Too many parties to arrange! But next year I will do it because Grace is SO CUTE and concentrated on her egg!

    1. I feel your pain, Isa. Between early March and mid-April, we have 5 birthdays in our family so things get pretty crazy around here. I'm thinking that's why we almost missed visiting the Easter Bunny this year.

      I was just reading on your blog that you seem to be flying through your pregnancy. When are we going to see some belly pics?! ;)

  3. I love the picture of Gracie giving the Easter Bunny a hug. I think it's just amazing that the Easter Bunny doesn't completely terrify her!

    1. Aww, thanks. It's just the sweetest! I too was very surprised that she wasn't freaked out by the Easter Bunny because there are some very creepy ones out there. Thankfully this one didn't looked so bad! Happy Easter :)

  4. Gorgeous post. Love that your little lady has her own mind and wants to do things her way. Our little man is like that.


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