Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20/52: starting over

First appointment back at the fertility acupuncture clinic today. 
Starting over is hard, but so worth it.


  1. Definitely worth it. I'm thinking lots of positive thoughts for you guys :)

  2. You're a strong woman, Kristin! I just had my first acupuncture appointment last week and having another one next week. I'll be keeping your family in mind.

  3. You can do hard things! You are strong and you have a big ol'net surrounding you. Sending joy, peace, prayers and all good things! - Sarah

  4. All with a purpose. All with a purpose. Make it your mantra. Good things WILL COME!!!! So worth it! And my goodness, could you and your wife be any more beautiful? It is really not fair to the rest of us ;)

  5. Absolutely worth it!
    I'm glad you are going back to it, I did too right after my miscarriage, against everyone (but the REs) advice, bit we got our boys the very next try :)
    Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers...

  6. Thank you, my sweet friends, for these thoughtful words.


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