Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Bucket List: Run for the Zoo

I still have some catching up to do on this family blog of mine but along with lots of summer activities comes less time to sit down and write.  Right now the Bean is taking a nap while G catches up on her DVR shows.  It’s a Sunday afternoon and for once we don’t have a single place we need to be, so blog time it is!  With all the cousin fun Grace had at the Zoo and the immense cuteness of all the kiddos running around together, I tried remembering to take pictures but only ended with a few.  Thankfully my mom is quite the photo taker so most of these are from her.  Thanks ma!

Let’s start with my favorite photo of our Zoo day, shall we.  Grace and her cousin Mia checking out the Polar Bears.  *Heart melts*

Staying with tradition we joined my mom, nephews and niece for the Zoo Run and were joined by my mom’s boyfriend this year, who is a favorite buddy of Gracie’s.  It was just starting to get hot out so we managed to do the one-mile family fun run without breaking too much of a sweat.  I was so proud of Gracie because that little girl ran almost the entire way, as did her mommy.  I was pretty darn proud of Georgia as well for keeping up with our speedy two year old.  Way to go babe!  While my girls ran, I hung back with Mia pushing our empty jogging stroller while checking out the animals.  This outing finally made us realize that our days of using a stroller are over.  I’m not sure when the Bean decided she was too big to be pushed around but she’s over it, for sure.  The only people I pushed in the stroller on this day were our 13 and 9 yr old nephews, lol!  They did enjoy the ride. ;)    

The Family Fun Run went back behind the Zoo and through the middle of the grounds, which meant that we got front row seats to the Elephant Exhibit – my favorite!  The end of the run had a big finish line surrounded by Zoo volunteers cheering on the runners.  I LOVED that any time we passed a group of volunteers cheering; Gracie would kick it into turbo speed motivated by her adoring fans, haha!  Here’s a clip of our little runner in the home stretch.

After the run, we grabbed lunch before heading out to see all the other animals and their babies.  Gracie’s favorites were the seals, the giraffes and the elephants.  After touring the grounds we spent the rest of our time in the play area where they had a huge climbing gym for the kiddos.  Grace was so filthy after playing in that thing that I had to take her shoes off and wash her feet because she was covered from head to toe in dirt and had rocks in her shoes.  I took this as a sure sign of a good time!

As we ended our afternoon and headed for the exit, I asked the Bean to let mama take one last picture of just her.  This is what she gave me.  The new “smile” face I now get anytime I ask her to pose for me.  Oh how I love this face. :)

This photo was taken literally 5 minutes after putting her in the car seat.  A great day indeed!

Summer Bucket List: Visit the Zoo – check!

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