Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Bucket List: Swim Lessons

Our little fish has officially finished her first session of swim lessons and she did great!  The plan for the summer is to fit two sessions in one season since we missed the registrations deadline for lessons last summer.  The months are moving right along and I can’t believe that one session is already done.  The Bean is set to start her next parent/tot class in July but with how well she did the first time around, we’re thinking we may bump her up to the next level like we did with soccer.

Just to be clear, Gracie can’t swim on her own.  I don’t know that any two year old can, but have any of you ever done a parent/tot swim class?  You basically do the same 5 things over and over for two weeks and in our session, the Bean hit a wall after about a week…  Like her mama, she grew bored.  The same thing happened with the final weeks of her first soccer season.  With this gal it works a little like this – show me, let me try, now I’ve learned it, I’ll do it a few more times… Ok, I’m ready to move on to the next thing now!  G and I appreciate the importance of staying with the class and teaching Grace to finish what she starts, have patience and develop her ability to remain focused; but we’re thinking we may have to change things up with class #2.  It just feels like a much better plan than to do the same things, again, for 2 more weeks.  Who knows, we’ll see I guess.

Grace loves the water and you could see that from day one.  She was quick to acclimate to the water temperature and followed instructions as well as any typical two-year old would.  She’s not a fan of going under the water but we gently pushed her out of her comfort zone in week two and her and I went under the water several times.  Her coach showed us what to do before going under to prevent her from swallowing water or having it go up her nose and it worked.  Here’s a little breakdown of the things she accomplished in 2 short weeks!

Our little fishy CAN:

- Hold on (unassisted) to the side of the pool and kick her legs
- Walk down the stairs into the big pool on her own
- Go completely under the water’s surface (she’s not a fan of this, hehe!)
- Blow bubbles in the water
- Walk from one side of the kiddy pool to the other, all by herself
- Lay flat on her back in the water
- Jump into our arms from the pools ledge
- Move her arms and legs simultaneously in a swimming motion in the water
- Rotate from belly to back with our help without freaking out.  That one took some practice! :)

If I had to pick a favorite part of our first swim lesson experience, I would have to say it was watching our gal introduce herself to another little girl, M and make friends for the first time all on her own.  The two of them were stuck like glue from the first lesson on and G and I ended up befriending M’s mom and dad in the process.  We’ve since exchanged contact info and have plans to get the girls together later this summer.  Aren’t they just the cutest?  I so love watching Gracie’s confidence grow in social settings.  I’ve always been a social butterfly while G is more reserved.  I’m hoping she gets some of mama’s outgoing-ness!

Here are a few more pictures of our swim lesson fun! :)

End of session cupcakes!

Summer Bucket List: Swim Lessons – check!


  1. She is a rock star!!!!! LM was swimming at 18 months. Mostly due to starting mommy and me swim lessons similar to this at 5 months old. He does very well, unless he is, ya know, not in the pool at the Y where he takes lessons, lol. Moral of the story: encourage her to practice anywhere there is water, even the bathtub so she gets used to using the skills in real life and not just in lessons and she will be swim team material before you know it :)

    1. Swimming at 18 months?! That's some crazy good talent there. I so wish we had started Grace when she was around the age you started LM. Hopefully we can get her caught up this summer!

      P.S. I'm so jealous that you and Kris got a pool! I want one so bad!!


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