Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Bucket List: Spring Soccer

Let’s start with this, the cutest little soccer picture that there ever was! This is our gal’s first “team sports” professional photo and I’m anticipating that we’ll need to order 20 or so with all the requests we’ve received for prints! My heart bursts every time I look at it. :)

Our super star has officially finished her first “season” of soccer! The league she plays in runs on a 4-quarter schedule and for her first year, she participated in 2 quarters and LOVED it! We considered doing all 4 initially but to fit swim lessons and little miss socialite’s summer bucket list activities in with another 2 quarters of soccer… Well, that would be a bit hectic for these mamas. I get tired just thinking about that! 

The Bean’s soccer season brought about a few new experiences for our family, some of which I was a little nervous about. This is going to sound so ridiculous but I was nervous to meet the other parents. Leading up to Gracie’s first practice, I asked G several times, “do you think they’re going to like us?” She replied to my feelings of nervousness with laughter and eye-rolling… Typical Georgia response. ;) I tried telling her what a big deal it was to enroll our daughter in her first sports team activity, explaining that she would grow up playing ball with these kiddos so we needed to hit it off with their parents. G being the unruffled person that she is told me to chill and that we would all have a great time and guess what?  She was right. The funny thing about meeting our fellow soccer parents is that the moms didn’t interact with us at all but we totally buddied up with all the dads, ironically. Each week G or I would go on the field with Grace and the dads would chat us up!  It was interesting to see just how not involved most of the moms were. In both of the 3 month sessions that we participated in, it was always me or Georgia with maybe 1 other mom and like 6-8 dads. It was an interesting thing to observe for this two mom family and I must say, I felt very proud that we were in there running around and interacting with our kid rather than just sipping coffee and observing.

Grace had such a great time and came a bit more out of her shell each week. For the first couple of practices she would interact with just us but would closely observe the other players. About 2-3 weeks in, she began approaching other kiddos and by week 4 we had to remind her to back up and give her fellow soccer players some space to play. Our little lovie has zero concept of personal space and wanted to be all up in the faces of her soccer friends. What can I say, she’s a people person, ha!    

I’m so glad that we decided to do this and we’re looking forward to next season! Until then, here are some highlights from the Bean’s first year of soccer…

Uncle Dean got in on the action!

One week Nani did too!

Even Gaga came to join in the fun. :)

Our super star in action!!

Until next year, chick-a-dee!

Summer Bucket List: Spring Soccer – check!


  1. Oh moly that first picture made me squee! So stinkin adorable, little sporty pants!

  2. I just enrolled our boys for their first soccer season starting n Sept. I am SOOO excited for them to finally be starting sports!!! :)

    Grace is such a doll, I bet your entire family wants a big ol' 8x10 of that photo to hang on the wall ;) she is seriously adorable!

    1. Oh my gosh, the boys are going to have a blast! The naps that follow soccer are nice and loooong, which I'm thinking you'll enjoy (because I know I did). Thank you for the sweet comment. We think she's pretty stinkin' cute too!


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