Sunday, August 24, 2014

1st Day of Preschool!

Well, we did it! We got through The Bean’s first week of preschool with no tears, all smiles! It’s been a good experience thus far, a comical experience actually. Her first day was pretty darn eventful and I’ll explain that in a bit but first, can we just take a moment to soak up all this cuteness? This is our gal on her first day of preschool as happy as can be with her first day of school chalkboard. It’s the same chalkboard we used for her first birthday pictures and one that she plays with often. Best darn $13 bucks I’ve ever spent! The plan is to take a similar picture on her last day of school in May to see how much she’s grown. Could she be any cuter, seriously?

In our co-op orientation, the parents were given tons of information as well as a list of things that we would need to send to school with our kiddo each week. One of the items on the list was a change of clothing. This was to be used in the event that Grace had a potty accident since she’s almost 100% potty trained now! Potty training is a whole other post best saved for another day... Lot’s to share on that subject.

Anyway, back to her first day… Let me just start by saying that on day ONE, our gal needed to use her backup outfit, oh vey!

Georgia and I both went into work late that morning because there was no way that either of us was going to miss this BIG milestone.  The Bean was sooo excited as she ate her breakfast of fruit on the way to school. When we arrived we visited with a few other parents while trying to figure out how to open the security door entrance. It took 2 sets of parents to finally figure out the code/door opening process, which I didn’t mind at all. The safer the better! After checking out Gracie’s cubby and hanging her backpack, she was off. This kid ran right into her classroom and started playing. We spoke with the teacher going over the items we brought to donate to the class and took a few pictures before it was time to go. Some kiddos were crying for their moms, while some moms were crying for their little ones but not our kid… She gave us a peace out, see you later wave and went right back to what she was doing. Me and G just kind of looked at each other like, well ok, we’ll go and we did but not before taking one last picture of Gracie playing house with another little girl. Heart melts.

The 4 hours she was in school flew by, like super fast and before we knew it we were both back on the road in route to her school. I walked in first and when she saw me she yelled “MAMA!” and came running. I love when she does this and it made us so happy to see that she was happily playing when we arrived and just as joyful as she ran over to greet us. We began collecting her things and while doing so asked one of her teachers how she did. Mrs. Y gave us a full report, the good and the not as good. Apparently Grace was pretty excited when it came time to take her princess lunchbox out and eat. So excited that she spilled an entire cup of juice on her shirt and shorts and was so soaked that a change of clothes was needed so yeah, our kid used her emergency outfit on the first day school, lol. Mrs. Y also mentioned that Grace and some of the other kiddos preferred a family dinning style lunch where everyone shares so she suggested that we talk to Gracie about making sure to eat just her lunch. It appears that The Bean really wanted another little girl’s pretzels in trade for her food and there was some tug-o-war involved. Another teacher explained that this is a normal occurrence in the first weeks of school because students are used to eating with their families in which food is typically shared. It makes sense but all I could picture was Grace trying her best to get that little girl’s pretzels out of her hands. While we made sure to have a chat about it with The Bean, the thought of it made me giggle to myself just a bit. ;)  

I’ve loved packing Gracie’s lunch all week using the sandwich punch-outs and cute Tupperware I’ve been saving for years for such an occasion. We let Grace pick her lunch bag and she picked Disn.ey Princesses, of course (the girl’s obsessed). I then ran out and picked up a cute little matching water bottle and some yummy and healthy lunch snacks and we were ready. I’m punching butterflies and hearts in her food and her mommy is spoiling her with one small, not as healthy side of the salty foods she loves like Cheet.os each day. I know I say this all the time but I LOVE being a mom and it’s even the little things like packing my kiddos lunch that makes me love it even more.

We asked The Bean all week how she liked her new school and what fun things she did in class and like most 2 ½ year olds, her answer was, “I like playing outside!” She’s been excited to go and has been all smiles each day at pick-up time so – so far so good! I’m volunteering in class for the first time this Wednesday, which means it will be me, 2 teachers and 10 kids. Ekkkk! More updates to come. :)

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  1. Awwwwwwe she is getting so big! Why do they do this to us?!?! We are venturing into the lunch packing thing this year (due to a hectic school schedule) and Kris discovered bento boxes and I'm pretty sure she bought out our local kitchen ware store of all the little containers and cutesy things that go with bento box-ing. You are right though, being a parent is exciting, even the lunch making ;)


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