Monday, August 18, 2014

Preschool Open House

Our baby girl’s first day of preschool is this Wednesday and I still can’t believe it! We began the search for a preschool cooperative (co-op) about 10 months ago when I started back at work. It was really important to us that Gracie begin her early childhood education in an environment that encourages parental involvement, is accredited, has licensed teachers and is accepting and supportive of LGBT families like ours. There were a few that we came across that fit the bill but one in particular that stood out. After a bit more research, I contacted the school to get more information on enrollment only to find out that the 2-3 year group was no longer accepting new students and had a waitlist 10 months before the school year was even set to begin… Here I thought I was being a super proactive mama but even my early efforts weren’t early enough. We were bummed but figured that Grace was still only 2 and because we liked this school the most, we could just wait and enroll her next year, with the 3 year olds.

Fast forward a few months to last Monday when out of nowhere I got a call back letting us know that one of the classes had a spot open up and GRACE WAS IN! It was the best call I’ve received in a long time. :)

The co-op has everything we’ve envisioned for Gracie’s early childhood education since we started discussing pre-k around her first birthday. The school is fun and colorful and full of life. In her pre-k group she will be exposed to self-selection play, group music, arts and crafts, small/big group reading, Spanish lessons and will follow a multi-cultural inclusive curriculum. The preschool cooperative uses, “The Creative Curriculum” as a guide, which I love because it will enhance the Bean’s physical, motor, language, literacy, social, emotional and creative development! Pretty awesome, right! The teachers are great too and so supportive of our family structure making sure to always speak to both Georgia and I as they would any other set of parents. There’s even a Lesbian teacher on staff who has been with the preschool cooperative for 17 years. She introduced herself to us when we went to orientation last week mentioning that she heard that the school had a new two mom family joining the group and was really excited to meet us. I thought it was a very sweet gesture. Our very own gay mom welcome! Talk about making someone feel right at home.

Grace will attend half-day, three days a week because while we’re excited to give her a head start in school, she’s still our baby and we’re not quite ready to hand her over full-time to anyone aside from family quite yet. That may be an option when she enters the 3-4 year old group but for now, 12 hours a week is perfect!

The things I’m looking forward to the most are the field trips, our monthly volunteer days, getting to hang our gal’s art projects on the refrigerator and seeing her interact with the school’s animals. There’s an interactive chicken coop where the Bean will be able to feed the chickens and bring eggs home to us on a bi-weekly basis. According to the teachers, the chickens love cheese sticks and so does Grace so I’m sure they’ll hit it off. There is also a big fish tank full of all sorts of different fish. Grace is already convinced that she’s going to find Nemo in there, or so she says. ;)

I am nervous to send her off because she’s never been with anyone besides us for an extended period of time before. I hope all the kids are nice to her and that she shares and treats her fellow classmates like she would want to be treated. I hope she eats her lunch that I’m so excited to pack for her each week and most importantly, I hope she learns a ton! This is such a big step for her and for us and it’s wonderful and scary all at the same time. Wednesday's her first day so I’ll keep you all posted on how week one goes. Wish us luck!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of today’s co-op open house.

{Arts and Crafts Corner}
{Science Center fun with Gaga}
{She's already loving this the play kitchen}

This was the last picture taken today as we were leaving. The Bean did NOT want to leave so when we finally got her outside she marched right over to the school’s garden to mope… Two year olds, gotta love’em. ;)


  1. Looks fantastic!! So exciting for Gracie and all of you! She's going to have a blast. Yaaaaaay for PreK!!

  2. This looks so great! Seriously childcare is one of my biggest anxieties already...I wish we had some nani's in the area but we're going to have to figure something out when the time comes - Yikes! Hope she is loving it! -Sarah

    1. I know your parents live far but is your wife's folks close? I seriously don't know what we would have done without my in-laws these past two years. Thank the dear lord they're retired but with that being said, if they weren't available I'm sure we would have figured it out. I'm sure you mamas will too!

  3. This preschool looks awesome! How the time flies!

    1. I feel like we were just celebrating her first birthday so yes - it goes by soooo fast! With your two adorable little ones, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. Oh and p.s. I'm so happy to see you blogging again! :)


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