Sunday, September 14, 2014

32/52: Potty Trained!

We're back from vacation! We've actually been back for nearly 2 weeks but things are crazy around here and life hasn't left much time for blogging. The plan is to catch-up on Project 52 posts and then share vacation photos, so more updates coming soon! In the meantime, I thought I would officially share the wonderful news that as of last month, our gal is 100% potty trained!! It's like one day she was just ready. We used a sticker chart for a week and that was it. This picture was taken in August the afternoon she went #2 in the potty for the first time. It's something she faught for weeks so it was a BIG deal when she finally did and it was the only thing keeping her from wearing big girl underpants all day. We're still putting her in diapers at night and I'm sure that will be the case for a while.  

For those of you who have potty trained your kiddos, how long did you wait before ditching diapers at bedtime too?   


  1. Hooray for potty training! I love that you took a pic of this moment-something to keep around for those rebellious teenage years perhaps? haha!

  2. Yay! Way to go Gracie!!! It's such an amazing feeling to be diaper free. :) For us, we gave up diapers at night when the girls started waking up dry each morning. For Emmy, it took about 2 weeks after we did the 3 day method. She was just done With Sophia it was about a month, but she relapsed about a month in and we went back to diapers, which she hated. So when she was dry again for about 2 weeks, we ditched them and it's been good so far! Make sure you stop with liquids at least an hour before bed and take her potty right before. What a big girl Gracie is! We need to get together soon!!

  3. Amazing!! Congrats to you all!! The girls were the same -- all of a sudden they were ready. For Q, it just happened this weekend! I'm so happy that I didn't force it :) I've heard that it takes a while to ditch the overnight diapers. Someone told me that kids are ready to ditch them when they start waking up with a dry diaper.

  4. Hooray!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling? We still put the boys in diapers at night but 2 consistently wake up dry, the 3rd is just lazy so I'm considering taking away the diapers at night. Quite frankly though, I'd rather change a morning diaper that strip beds & wash sheets, so we'll see...

  5. YAY GRACIE!!!! Whoop whoop!!! We are not "force it" types either. I strongly believe that it is potty LEARNING not training. And learning takes time. We are entering this dilemma with Boo, who is showing signs of being ready, but we are not quite sure that she is there developmentally speaking and I have zero desire to rush it. As for night time diapers, we stopped with LM when he went a week straight waking up dry and that came about 2 months after he was doing everything else potty wise. He USUALLY stayed dry trough the night, but there were those 1-3 nights a week that were wet ones and so we kept a pull up on him during that time. After a straight week of waking up dry and we went to 24/7 big boy underwear and have not looked back since. Little tip: Have her empty her bladder completely as a part of bedtime routine. Bath, brush teeth, jammies, book and bathroom and bed is how we do it :)

  6. OMG. I saw this picture and literally said "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME." LOL, for real, I'm in potty training hell right now. I can't believe Miss Gracie is already there! I'm so jealous! Haha! Punky decided last week she wanted to go potty training, we didn't really push the issue until she expressed it several times. Now, we are chasing the kid around with potty chairs and panties! LOL. Good job, Gracie!

  7. Nice Job Gracie !
    We had an ah ha moment with Syd, she just got it one day. Did it all by herself. (this of course after many accidents when I was teaching her how to go potty) So we just let the boys do it when they were ready. SOOO much easier.
    Syd and Spencer wore pull ups through kindergarten at night. Cameron and Ryan have been dry since they were able to potty train during the day. Nate is in kindergarten and still wears pull ups.
    It's actually a medical thing to stay dry. Not something they can control. Our body releases a chemical that shuts down our kidneys and puts our bladder to sleep (if you will) sometimes that chemical isn't produced and released for a while.

    You can always try it. They have pads that stick to the sheets (they remind me of doggy training pads) you can try that, save yourself the nightmare of changing sheets :-)
    I guess what I'm trying to say just depends on the kid ! :-)
    Good luck !

  8. So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to all of you! First, THANKS so much for the wonderful tips! I've already begun implementing some suggestions. It's funny that so many of my fellow awesome bloggy friends seem to be in potty training mode right now too! You guys rock!


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