Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

We tried a new Pumpkin Patch this year and it was awesome! We’ve gone to another one for years but it’s pretty far from town, which is kind of a pain in the butt so this year we opted to visit our local Pumpkin Patch instead. I’m thinking we’ve found a new favorite. Grace looked adorable in her Halloween outfit (mama pats self on back) and she was in great spirits. Lately, things have been interesting with our gal. Between adjusting to having a potty trained kiddo who acts just like Nina on those, “Nina Needs to Go!” cartoons, to also having a kid who is a runner, she keeps us on our toes when we’re out on the town. On this afternoon, she was fed, she went potty on command before leaving the house, looked adorable and was super excited for our adventure, which was pretty darn great.

Gracie’s Gaga and Papa joined us for our festive fall day. We started the tradition of going with G’s parents when Grace was just a baby and decided we would continue to make it an annual thing after last year’s visit to the Pumpkin Patch. Some years we have other little ones who join us and some years, like this year, it’s just us 5.

The Pumpkin Patch had all the usual favorites. Tractors for the kids to ride, areas for photo ops, Mr. Potato Head pumpkins, adorable little animals to feed and what I refer to as the, “corn pit of terror.” The Bean was into everything and practically running from activity to activity while the 4 of us tried to keep up. She made a few little friends and only had one minor meltdown when I had to pull her out of the corn pit because it was time to go. No adult should ever go into that thing, like ever. I sank immediately, was surrounded by an army of children, lost a shoe and still found corn kernels in the cuff of my pants when we got home later that evening, ha!

We had our first (and hopefully last) we’ve lost Gracie experience on this day and it nearly gave us all a heart attack. One minute, we were watching her play with blocks, the next we all glanced in the other direction to see something my father-in-law was showing us and when we turned back, maybe 15 seconds later, she was gone. I called out for her and began looking in every direction as thoughts of child abduction ran through my head. I know that sounds a bit over dramatic but this place was sooo crowded and suddenly everyone looked sketchy. G bolted in one direction yelling Gracie’s name while I went in another direction. She was only lost for a few minutes but it felt like forever. We gave her the, you NEVER leave your mamas side speech and she recovered quickly after. It took her mamas a bit longer to breath normally…

Our fearless little gal!

The day ended with pumpkin picking of the toddler variety. This was the first year that Grace was old enough to actually pick her own pumpkin and she was all about it. She didn’t pick the first one she put her hands on but ended up settling on a cute tiny pumpkin that fit perfectly in the palms of her hands. All in all, it was a pretty good fall day for this little family.   

Silly Papas are the best Papas!

In other news, I’ve finished Gracie’s Halloween costume and I must say, she’s the cutest little Tinker Bell I ever did see. We ended up purchasing the wings because I finally admitted to myself that making wings was something I just didn’t feel like doing, lol… I did make her dress and headpiece and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I consider it a bonus that I didn’t have to pull out the sewing machine once! It’s amazing what you can do with tulle, a glue gun and a little imagination. :)

Here’s our gal whirling and twirling (minus her wings) while she waited for her Halloween pictures to be taken last week. The minute I put her costume on she was in full-on princess mode. She had all the studios employees loving her and was, according to our photographer, “the best little model she’s had.” Considering I’ve had a camera in hand most of The Bean’s life, it’s never surprising to see her work the camera, haha!

We finally have our CD with all the pictures from our mini Halloween shoot, so I’ll be sure to share those soon! It’s almost Halloween, whoo hoo!


  1. How adorable. I really wanted to take M to pick a pumpkin this year, but we don't really know any great places locally that do this. We settled for letting him pick one from the supermarket. LOVE the costume, she is adorable.

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures. Love the costume.

    1. Thanks K! Umm, why aren't you blogging anymore? We miss you!

  3. You ROCKED that costume!!! Way to go!!! She is completely Tinker-dorable!

    Ugggghhh, the panic of losing a little one. I am with you, if I lose sight of either of the kids for like, ummm, 3 seconds, I go straight to thinking Oh my lord, they have been abducted!!! Scary scary stuff. :(

    Looks like an awesome pumpkin patch, would be a favorite to us as well! Cannot wait for Halloween post from you...hint hint ;)

    1. Thanks Amanda! That means a lot coming from a fellow creative mama!


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