Sunday, November 2, 2014

{2014} Halloween Part II

Happy Halloween Tinker Bell! You’re finally napping, which is incredible considering all the sweets you’ve consumed over the past 48 hours! Your trick-or-treat goodies have been put away, costumes packed, decorations are down and another Halloween is officially in the books!

This was a very exciting Halloween for your Mommy and me because this was the first one that you were really excited for! You understood what Halloween was all about. You practiced saying trick-or-treat for days and you loved your costume so much that you cried nearly every time you had to take it off. Our Halloween started at 6am and was SUPER busy, from beginning to end. It went a little something like this…

The day started with school but it wasn’t just any old regular day of school for you! On Halloween, me and Mommy were the parent volunteers for your class so we all threw on some costumes, grabbed the Halloween parfaits that Mama made and headed to your co-op together. You were beyond excited!

You wore one of your princess dresses because we knew you would likely come home covered in paint or glue like you usually do and Mama was worried we wouldn’t have time to wash your Tinker Bell dress before heading back out. Mama dressed up as a friendly witch and Mommy was a panda while you dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Your teachers and all the other kiddos were in costumes too and you guys were all so happy to see each other.

Your school day was filled with Halloween themed activities like pumpkin art projects, Halloween music, snacks and circle time spent reading spooky stories. We surprised your class by arranging for your Nani, who was once a teacher, to come and read to your class! You were so happy when she arrived that you yelled out her name at the top of your lungs and ran into her arms! Nani is the cutest and came dressed as a witch with tons of Halloween books, even one she purchased and inscribed to donate to your class. You are one blessed little gal to have such an awesome Nani. :)

Look at these adorable Halloween goodies Nani made for you and your school buds! These oranges were probably the only non-sugar treats you had all day.

On Hallows Eve, you and Mommy carved a few small and two very large pumpkins to put out for trick-or-treaters and it may have been the most girly pumpkin carving I’ve ever seen. You insisted on wearing another one of your princess dresses and stopped helping Mommy after only a few minutes. As you explained to us, the pumpkin’s insides were “too sticky” and you were “getting so dirty”, Ha!

After school you took a nap and then it was time to put your pumpkins outside before heading to Gaga and Papa’s. While you weren’t a big fan of carving, you sure were excited to put the pumpkins on display!

Every Halloween your Gaga and Papa spoil the heck out of you and this year was no different! When we arrived, Gaga had all her decorations up and her and Papa were dressed up too! You were totally spooked by Papa’s mask so you didn’t go anywhere near him until he took it off and assured you that he wasn’t a monster! You had a special Halloween gift wrapped just for you and were so excited to open it and find that you now had your own Lambie and Doc McStuffins playset. We made some yummy Dia de los Muertos cookies with your grandparents before heading over to your Uncle Dom’s and Auntie Angela’s Halloween party. The cookies turned out great! They looked just like the picture on the box, LOL. ;)

Check out your Uncle Dean! He always goes all out with his costume and make-up but this year was the coolest I’ve ever seen! You were missing your Uncles so we showed you this picture of “The Handsome Devil” all day.

At Uncle Dom’s party last year you won the costume contest and had we stayed until the very end of this year’s party, I’m pretty sure you would have won again (I may also be a bit biased). We did a family theme this year and Mama Hook, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan were a hit! We even took 2nd place in an LGBT families Instagram costume contest, which was so very cool!

This was the first year that we took you trick-or-treating and you were beyond thrilled to go. Together with your Auntie Angela and Mia, we all headed across the street to visit a few houses and you girls got hooked up! The boys all went to another neighborhood with Uncle Dom and according to the neighbors we talked to, they never get trick-or-treaters so to have two little cuties at the door was pretty exciting. You were both so brave! You walk up to each door together, yelled “tick-a-treat” and took turns ringing the doorbells. It was so much fun for your mamas to watch!

Our night ended at Auntie Andrea’s Halloween party! There were tons of kiddos there so you were in heaven and the fact that your mamas let you have a cupcake at 10pm was the perfect end to your crazy sugar-filled day! Thankfully the events of the day wore you out and you passed out as soon as we got home even after having sweets all day.

All I could think as I watched you enjoy the day was just how big you’ve grown! To see you experience new things like trick-or-treating and running around having a blast, filled my heart with so much happiness. We sure do love our little Tink!

Happy Halloween baby girl!


  1. Oh how adorable is this post! I love Halloween and don't feel we celebrate it enough here in the UK, too many Bah humbugs. I wish one year we could to celebrate it where everyone gets into the spirit.

    Love the pic of all three of you, so adorable!

    1. I was just reading your Halloween post and it seems we're both lovers of Halloween! It's the best and you guys looked great!

  2. She is the cutest Tinkerbell I have ever seen!!!

    1. We think so too! Thanks Spring. :)

  3. You people need to seriously simmer down the cuteness factor. It is getting embarrassing to fellow bloggers ;)

    Okay so Uncle Dean, holy heck, what is it with you and G having GORGEOUS family members?!?!? I would be asking him to be a donor to whichever Mom was not related, LOL.

    ^^^^^ Put that in the "only on an LGBT blog" would you see that comment ;)

  4. No wonder you guys won the costume contest--she is absolutely adorable in her costume!!! I love it. And I think it's extra special that you made it. :)

    Sounds like you had a great Halloween and very busy. I was exhausted just reading it.

    It is so much fun when they start to appreciate and understand the holidays because you get to see them get super excited and happy over it all. I think kids make holidays better. :)

  5. That costume is ADORABLE! And it looks like you guys had a great Halloween!!


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