Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Thankful Heart

This past year has been tough and I’m not going to pretend for one moment that it hasn’t been heartbreaking in more ways than one. With that being said, I also recognize that it has been full of blessings and exciting new things for my family.

For this, I am so very thankful.

Our gal is in a Preschool Co-op now and her preschool is amazing! It was actually just voted as “Best in the City” last month, which was such a wonderful confirmation that we made the best choice for our daughter’s education.

I am once again gainfully employed with an organization I have spent nearly 9 years dedicating my time and energy to. November 15th marked one year that I’ve been back and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful.

My mom, (aka Nani) found love and the man she is set to marry in early 2015 is a wonderful, kind and selfless man who has fit right in with our big family. He is a genuine good guy and that is everything I have ever prayed for.  

We completed more home renovations since last November than we did in the 8 years combined that we have lived in our now updated and beautiful home. That alone was a huge accomplishment for us and something we’re still enjoying everyday.

Our sweet gal turned two and she’s healthy and happy, which is something that not all parents can say. I read stories of babies fighting cancer and other illnesses and then I look over at my daughter and I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. At the end of the day, her cleft lip and the surgeries that followed were but a bump in her road of life. Her health and wellness is our greatest blessing.

And Georgia and I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary, which was pretty great. Let me just say, TTC and infertility is so extremely hard on a relationship and is a heavy weight on any marriage. Despite this, despite the continued disappointment, the crazy pills that I’ve had to take since last December (hellooo mood swings), and the loss of our little peanut in May, we still have each other’s back. We’re still in this 100% and that’s something to be thankful for. My love for my wife has never faltered and her love, support and commitment to me is always there.   

Considering that these are just a few of the wonderful things that have taken place since our last Thanksgiving, how can we not be thankful? There’s just too much good to focus on the bad.

I didn’t take many pictures on Thanksgiving but I did manage to capture this little moment. Cousins, there’s nothing better.

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