Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Little G is almost 3!

To my Gracie girl, can you believe that it’s already been 8 months since mama’s last Gracie update?! Mama Bear is slackin’ on the updates for sure, but it’s for good reason. You keep Mommy and me BUSY. Busy all day, every day! You are so much fun and full of personality. You’re smart as ever and amaze us with all you can comprehend and communicate. It’s just mind blowing! You can also be quite the handful and often put your Mamas parenting skills (and patience) to the test. But no worries little stinker, we’re always up for the challenge. 

Here’s a bit of what you’ve been up to lately. I thought it appropriate that we start this post with a silly video, since we’re pretty sure you think you’re a comedian. You don’t let us take video of you anymore without you performing for the camera. You incorporate funny voices, silly faces, dances or just run in the opposite direction the minute your moms try to record you doing something awesome. I lucked out and was able to get this little clip at bedtime the other night as you were serenading us with Rock-a-bye Baby. The second you noticed the camera, you did this…

Yup, a goofball for sure! Your giggles makes your mamas happier than you could ever imagine. :)

Preschool rules our world right now. You’re just loving it. You get along great with all of your classmates, with the exception of one gal who is still your friend, it’s just you both want to be in charge of the class and there can only be one Queen Bee (or leader as your teacher would say), haha! You have developed a regular group of buddies and tell us all about them every day after school and even some mornings when you wake up because you dream about your friends sometimes too. Your teachers love you and we really like your teachers as well.

You do so many art projects that I don’t even know what to do with all your works of art. I’m thinking I need to start a Pre-k portfolio for you because unlike Nani (who never saved anything that Mama made as a kid…waaaa!) I want to save it all! Right now there is a big stack of beautiful paintings, sketches, noodle art and other projects on the top of the refrigerator just waiting for Mama to do something with them.

You have your family tree all figured out and enjoy naming off all the people you love so much. You’ll name off 10+ family members at a time when describing a family function we have coming up or when you’re missing someone. You’ll say things like, “Uncle Dom is Domonic, Mommy is Georgia, Nani is Elizabeth” and you’ll call me and Mommy by our actual names when you want to be silly. It cracks you up. When Mommy and I read to you at night, you point to the characters in the book and give them names of people in our family and you especially love when we read from our Two Mom Family book collection! You point to the moms on the page and say, “there’s Mommy, there’s Mama and there’s Gracie!” With the progress you’ve made with your MeReader, iPad and everything you’re learning in school, Mommy and I are pretty sure that you’ll be an early reader!

You adore all things girly and anything pink! Pink princess stuff is your all-time favorite but sweets, especially treats like pink suckers or pink frosted donuts send you into an orbit of happiness.

You are a girl who appreciates accessories and often rocks a princess dress with “cha-cha heels”, a tiara, 10 necklaces, a few rings and about 20 bracelets, all while totting a purse around with you wherever you go. I love that you’re not just a princess in training but you love to listen so intently to all the Dis.ney stories and even enjoy watching movies with more complex plots like Maleficent and Hook. The funny thing is that Mommy wanted you to be into sports so bad when you were a baby. That’s why we were the only Mamas around crazy enough to put you in soccer when you were just 18 months old. I keep telling her that you may end up being a girly girl who can kick butt at sports too but for now, you're much more into dress-up!

You are super independent and can be possessive of the things you know are yours. We still hear, “I can do it” about most things and even if it takes you 10 attempts to do something and you grow frustrated, you will keep trying until you get it! You’re a master negotiator and when negotiations fall through and the answer is no, you have the occasional meltdown. Thankfully you have your Mommy’s temperament and to this day have never had a full-blown throw yourself on the floor kicking kind of fit. We have a “time-out chair” and you’re still learning the concept of sitting there until we say you can get up but you’re getting it. You tell us “NO!” more often now than ever, hence the timeout chair but you know when your Mamas mean business and don’t push past that point very often. Surprisingly, counting to 5 still works like a charm. I’m going to be very sad when that no longer works as our regulating go-to technique… 

There have been so many changes since our last Gracie update! You’re now in pre-school, you’re 100% potty trained, you have a big girl room, you carry full on conversations and can follow complex instructions and requests. You now play one on one with other kiddos and not just next to them and you play independently now more than ever before. You still have the most love for your stuffed buddies, Bunny and Monster and Peppa Pig is still your favorite TV show. Something new that you love doing is puzzles. Mommy did them with you at first but now you’ll put together an entire puzzle by yourself that’s for ages 3-5yrs! It’s quite impressive.

And now can we please talk about some of the HILARIOUS things that you say!

“Mommy, I like your pretty boobs.” – said right in front of the Starbucks lady. I thought Mommy was going to melt into a puddle. It was awesome!

G: “Hey babe, I think I’m gonna just pick-up some burgers for dinner.”
You: “No! Mommy, I want sushi! Sushi pleaaaaase!”

“Mama, I have to get out of bed! I have to call Santa and tell him I want a Barbie!”

“Everyone needs to just calm down!” – said in a very stern voice as Mommy and I were debating over something while running errands.

You: “Look, a shooting star Mommy!”
G: “did you make a wish?”
You: “I did!”
G: “what did you wish for?”
You: “to see it again!”

"Mama, can I pick my nose since we're in the car?"

“Holy smoke-a-roonies!”

“Just a few more minutes, Mama. I’m resting.” – said every morning when I go to wake you up.

You don’t know it yet but Mama finally gave in and agreed to take you to Dis.neyland for your 3rd birthday in March so Mommy and I will start planning that BIG trip soon! It’s the same month as Nani’s wedding in San Diego so we may just make a long California trip of it. Christmas is right around the corner and your Mamas are so excited because this is the first year that you’re truly in the holiday spirit and know all about the exciting things that happen in December. So far your Christmas wish list includes, a Barbie, a stuffed Sulley from Monsters Inc. and Princess Elsa dress shoes to name a few. We just can't wait to read stories to you about the birth of baby Jesus and make Christmas ornaments AND decorate! Yippie! 

And that about wraps it up, kiddo. Your the greatest little gal we know and we can't wait to see all the exciting adventures 2015 will bring! 

Love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea! Xo, Mama 


  1. Her wishing on the star was super sweet. SUPER SWEET !
    I love that she laughs so hard at herself in the video. Too cute.
    Great pictures.

  2. She is the cutest almost 3 year old ever!!!! That wish on a star convo is adorable. Completely. How proud you moms must be!

    Yay for Disneyland!!!!! ;)
    PS- Get the Artkive app for her artwork. You can make a book out of her art!!!!

    1. We think so too! I'm totally going to check out the Artkive app tonight! Thanks. :)


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