Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry & Bright, well mostly.

Talk about playing Christmas catch-up! Six posts in one week has got to be some kind of record! I’ve been off the grid for a couple of different reasons but I’m back and catching up on all of your lovely holiday blog posts. 

And here is ours. :)

Christmas, ohhhh Christmas… This year was tough on us so I feel I should be honest in saying that it was no easy week of holiday bliss. It definitely wasn’t a bad Christmas, just a tough one. Tuesday was my first day back at work and of my 7 days off, 5 of those days were spent taking care of a very sick baby girl and wife. My sister and I also butted heads quite a bit during her visit, as sisters often do so that didn’t help. For now, I’m just so glad that Gracie no longer has a fever. I’m thankful that I’ve finally caught up on all of our laundry and that I didn’t catch what everyone else had because if all 3 of us had fallen ill during the holidays, it would have been the saddest Christmas ever.

If you remember, last year Grace got sick on Christmas Eve. Thankfully it was a little 24-hour bug and she was back on her feet the next day. This year we weren’t so lucky. It started with G who began to feel sick two days before Christmas. She attacked it with Airborne and was able to manage with meds and rest. Then on Christmas Eve as G was beginning to feel better; Grace started to have a cough, which progressively got worse. By Christmas morning she threw up twice in the Jeep on the drive to my mom’s for brunch and had a few accidents at Nani’s because she had the runs, poor baby. By the day following Christmas, she was still throwing up but now had a fever and things just continued to go downhill from there. I honestly don’t think we’ve ever had so much laundry to do. We were just drowning in it and my poor little girl… She was so excited all month for Santa to come and she tried so hard to have fun even though she was sick. Unfortunately, when your fever is teetering around 101.5, you have a non-stop cough and runny nose and you keep getting sick, it makes for a pretty crappy time (both literally and figuratively speaking).

The one sunny side to all of this is that both G and I got all the snuggles that we’ve missed since our gal turned into an independent and very active toddler. She wanted to sit on our laps, sleep with us and be right by our side for days. And while I’m not happy that it took her getting sick to slow down and cuddle with her mamas, I still loved feeling like we had a little baby again.

Despite all the Christmas and post-Christmas sick days, thankfully, our gal was in great spirits on Christmas Eve.

As we do every year, we took a drive out to spend some time with my Great Grandparents before heading to G’s parent’s house. Georgia’s family does all of their gift opening and big celebrations on Christmas Eve, which means our gal gets spoiled for two days in a row every year. This year she had a HUGE surprise waiting for her from her uncles Chris and Dean. The boys bought Grace a Barbie Mansion and all the furniture and Barbies (even a Ken doll) to go with it!!! We started the evening exchanging gifts and waited until the very end to unveil her Barbie house. She didn’t seem to know what to do with herself when the blanket was lifted from her present. She looked at the house, then back at us with the biggest smile and then she promptly ran off to collect her Barbie’s and Barbie furniture to start playing. Thank you to the best Gaga, Papa and Guncles a girl could ask for! She LOVED her big gift! 

Later in the evening G and Gaga made a yummy posole dinner for us while I took my little sis to Wal-Mart to do her holiday shopping. Yes, you heard me right. My sister (who never manages to plan ahead for the holidays) had me at Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve, late at night with all the crazies. I was not at all happy about it but she’ll probably do it to me again next year, so it is what it is. Our night ended with G and I preparing for Santa’s arrival, which is my absolute favorite thing about being a parent at Christmas. We put Gracie’s Santa presents together and put out the "Frozen" cookies she made earlier in the day for Santa as well as a few carrots for his reindeer and milk. We both then headed off to bed because we knew our gal would have us up early the next morning.
Santa brought the Bean the Princesses she asked for as well as an art easel, art supplies, some babies and a few other little things on her list! Our poor gal had a horrible cough while she opened her presents but her excitement overshadowed any sick feelings she was having. To see her tear into everything so excited made it all worth it! The preparation that goes into Christmas, the expense, the shopping trips and the booked calendar – to see her smile ear to ear is why we do it all. :)

Oh, and the Christmas morning bedhead! LOVE!

The Bean wasn’t the only person spoiled on Christmas! The wifey got me the new iPhone 6! It’s rose gold and takes amazing pictures and I love it. I’ve been staring at a cracked iPhone screen for 6 MONTHS waiting for Santa to bring my replacement, haha! I honestly don’t know how I waited that long. Thanks Baby cakes!

After we all finished opening our gifts it was off to Nani’s on what would soon become a very messy drive. 20 minutes and two emergency stops due to projectile vomit later and we arrived. It was the weirdest thing. Grace had a cough in the morning but seemed fine aside from that. Then she got sick twice on the drive over but once we arrived and she was cleaned up, she seemed ok again. She made it through opening gifts with a huge smile and even ate some of her brunch. She was super pale but didn’t have a fever (yet) and she seemed fine. I’m just so glad that she enjoyed herself. Isn’t it amazing how Christmas can make any situation better?

Georgia and I got the girls matching jammies again, as we do every year and they both looked so big in the pictures of them side-by-side. Grace was spoiled beyond belief from our family getting her first ever Cabbage Patch and Frozen everything including a dress that plays the theme song. Brunch was lovely and so was the rest of our day. We ended up going back home and staying in for the night because come 5pm Gracie had a fever and wasn’t doing well. G’s family came over and we all just relaxed and finished the day with some yummy gluten free cupcakes. It was a somewhat stressful Christmas but a great Christmas at the same time. I felt so blessed all day as I looked around at all the people who make up our family. We are so very lucky to have each other.

Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. 2015 is going to be your year. I feel it. Good IS coming.

  2. Awww poor little thing! It sounds like you had a wonderful time even though Grace was ill, which is great. Obviously not the same level at all as she's not a little human haha, but our pup decided to be ill on Christmas morning which was VERY stressful, she wasn't eating and trying to sleep but unable to settle, threw off all my cooking and worried us lots! But when S's family came she put on a brave face and was distracted by all those people cuddling her and giving her presents! :) Lxo

  3. So lousy to be sick over the holidays. We had a bit of fevers bookending the holidays but thankfully health for Christmas day.

    Looks like she had a wonderful Christmas despite being sick. Hopefully 2015 holidays are much better for you! You deserve a healthy Christmas this time around!


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