Saturday, February 14, 2015


It’s been two days since my egg retrieval and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we have 8 little embies growing in a lab downtown! EIGHT fertilized embies!! The procedure went great and I was feeling pretty good yesterday. Today, not so much. I’m soooooo sore and I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach a few times. I know people always say that two days following a surgery, injury or intense workout is much worse than the day immediately after. I guess I just forgot until I opened my eyes this morning and remembered our RE’s warning. He told us that they had to apply quite a bit of pressure to my abdomen during the procedure and that it would be sore and possibly bruised. Having said that, please know that I’m not complaining. We are so bless to have had this opportunity and the pain is more than worth it!

Anyway, back to the big day! Let me start by saying that SCIENCE RULES! I mean seriously, it’s changed my life. IVF is amazing and everything our RE and nurses did to help make our IVF journey a successful one thus far, is just amazing.

I was pretty nervous when we first arrived at the clinic and got ushered to the IVF waiting area. I wasn’t talking much and felt a bit nauseous. G came to the rescue and did her best to be silly and give me lots of kisses and hugs while we waited and it worked. I started to feel my anxiety lighten a bit and then something bad happened. While she was tickling and kissing me, her wedding ring caught on my cross bracelet… Oh you know, the bracelet that I’ve been wearing since just days before we found out that IVF was going to be an option for us. Yes, the one I wore 24/7 since this process began. One minute I’m laughing and the next my bracelet is ripped off my wrist and falls to the floor in pieces.

Talk about a bad sign. I was already so worried and this did not help. G felt so bad because I did get emotional for a bit but we quickly recovered and tried to divert our thoughts to more positive things. And let me just tell you – for a superstitious and somewhat pessimistic person, that was tough.

The operating room was all set up when we walked in and was quickly filled with people, most of which were familiar faces. It was me, G and 6 others so it was a pretty packed up in there. It was crazy to see people rushing around doing their designated jobs while I got hooked up to my first ever IV. That’s right folks, my first! I’ve never broken a bone or had a surgery of any kind. Heck, I never even had anesthesia before this day… Hence the nervousness. With everyone buzzing around it suddenly made sense to me that this is a $20-$25K process. There were a whole lot of accomplished people focusing on just me. It was surreal.

The procedure lasted about 30 minutes and the last thing I remember before I was out was cracking jokes and making everyone in the room laugh. At one point during my vaginal rinse I squirted the doctor, so I of course had to make some jokes about that. Sorry if that’s gross… Just keeping it real! He said that he was used to having crying women on his table prior to IVF and he loved my overall demeanor. Then I was out. The next thing I remember was coming to in an empty room with just a nurse monitoring me. I looked over at her and the first words out of my mouth were, “I have to poop”. She gave me the most shocked look and immediately left the room, LOL!

I then fell asleep again and woke to my wife rubbing my head. I was so happy to see her face! Our RE quickly came in to tell us that everything went great and that he retrieved 10 eggs. He then quickly left. I was a bit disappointed because our ultrasound showed around 13 prior to but I was also super thankful for 10!

The longest 24 hours of my life then passed as we waited on the call to see how many fertilized. I got the call at work and when they told us that all 8 that were mature fertilized we jumped for joy (as did all my co-workers)! What a crazy, amazing, somewhat painful and joyous couple of days it’s been.

God is good. Hallelujah!

Oh… And Happy Valentine’s Day!  Xo, Kristin


  1. What a happy valetine's day!!! Grow embies grow! I hope you feel better soon! This process is rolling right along! Are you doing a fresh egg tranfer?

  2. Awwww honey, the bracelet breaking wasn't a bad sign, it was a good sign telling you that you don't need it anymore...because Wooooo hoooooo!!!!! EIGHT itty bitty embies!!! Soooooooo excited for you and G!!!! Get some rest, you did good, Mama!

  3. Awww so sweet, I am so happy for you both! The only way is up! Happy Valentines day xx

  4. YAY!!! 8 is awesome!!! Congrats, I can't wait to hear transfer news!!!

  5. Yay!!! That is awesome. I'm so excited for you all!!!

  6. 8?!? That is so FANTASTIC!! I'm over the moon for you, Kristin! You, Georgia, and Grace deserve this so much. Gracie will be the best big sister ever!

  7. How in the F did I miss this. I've been checking for updates and with your last Valentines post I'm like....WHERE'S THE EGG COUNT POST !!!!!!
    YAY ! I'm so happy that everything went well. Now I need to see if you've posted about how your cells divided and where you're at now ? Or you could post about it. I mean. I've waited this long, can you just hook me up with some updates :-) ha ha ha Congratulations girls.


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