Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IVF: A mini-update

The first good news to report is that the bruising on my legs is looking so much better! Between the increase in shots per day and my embarrassing fall on the ice last week, my poor legs were looking pretty wrecked for a while there. It seems they’re healing, or at least the ice I’m applying before my evening shots is helping. Either way, I no longer look like I’ve been jumped and can wear skirts again, so that’s good. ;)

I had my 4 day scan today and all went well. The appointment was this morning, which meant that we had to take my Gonal-F injection with us to the appointment because Mr. T wanted to check my progress prior to my AM injection. As he planned with my Lupron, Menopur and GF dosages, my folli growth as been slow and steady. The thing our RE is trying to avoid is giving too much stims too quickly, which would result in 1-2 follicles hogging the meds and growing while the others shrink and never mature. It would appear that things are going as planned because he was really happy with my progress, yay!

4 day scan shows a 10.9 + 10.7 + 6.6 on the right.

And a 9.8 + 9.9 + 9.7 on the left.

According to Dr. T this is exactly what he wants to see this early in the game, so I'm praying that things continue to progress just as they are.

I have another scan on Thursday where we’ll hopefully see some of those smaller follies grow and join in the race. Until then, I’ll leave you with this adorable video of my smarty pants singing a song she learned in school about the five senses. I just love her little voice. :)


  1. Very Cute. Song and follicles :-)

    1. Thanks K! I love that little voice!

  2. Glad you're healing. Ouch.

    Sending good vibes your way.

  3. Adorable! Grow follies grow!

    1. Thank you!! I chant that every morning!


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