Monday, March 23, 2015

An early visit to the Easter Bunny

This year we’re going to have an Easter like none we’ve had before. We've always spent Easter at home but this time around it will be spent on a beautiful beach in California! Yeeeppppie! Initially G and I decided that we would just wait until we were in CA and if we happened to come across an Easter Bunny while out an about, we would have Gracie’s picture taken. The Bean changed our plans a bit this past weekend, per usual. ;)

Sunday was a – we have to go to the mall and buy stuff for vacation kind of day. I loathe shopping and seriously only go to the mall like once or twice a year so I wasn’t super excited considering all the shops we needed to visit. Surprisingly, it actually turned out to be a pretty fun day. We hit up the Disney Store because while I know that the handmade shirts my wife is making for our days at Disney are going to be awesome, the compulsive planner in me needed to pick up some back-up tops for us, just in case. I explained to G that I have absolute faith that the shirts are going to be amazing but it will help me to have less stress this week knowing we have backups, so she obliged. (And an update since I wrote this yesterday – the shirts look totally fabulous so far)!

We exchanged some of Gracie’s birthday clothes that were too small and now the gal is stylin’ and totally ready for the West Coast! After visiting the food court, we hit up another shop and came across an elaborate Rapunzel dress that was $9 down from $40 and we just had to get it! She of course wanted to wear it right away so we ended up leaving the store with our own little Gracie Rapunzel. People we gushing about how cute she looked even the guy running the Easter Bunny pictures, which resulted in FREE photos with Mr. Bunny! Here is Sunday’s impromptu Easter Bunny picture complete with messy hair, princess dress and ketchup on the face. Perfection!

We spent the rest of our weekend cleaning, prepping for my transfer and trying clothes on the kiddo. It’s amazing the amount of clothing you can get a child to try on with the mere promise of a Dum-Dum lollypop, LOL! I got the idea to take vacation outfit pics on Pinterest and started doing it when we went to BritishColumbia in September. Rather than dig through your suit cases every morning and evening as you head out on vacation outings, take photos of your kiddos outfits beforehand so you can pick what you want from a photo rather than trying to remember what you packed while also wrecking your nicely folded clothes. So much easier when you’re traveling for a week and a half and staying in three places. Plus, look at this toddler fashion. So cute!

Tomorrow is the big day and I feel totally chill about it. The progesterone and oil shot don’t hurt me at all, which has been the best surprise. I’ve always had a freakishly high threshold for pain but after hearing so many horror stories about how bad these shots were I started to stress a bit. When we did the first shot I was like, is it in?! Is that it? I then thought I just lucked out on day one and that day two would surely suck. Here we are on day five of my PIO shots and still, I’m handling it like a champ! Phew!

In the next 12 days we have our IVF transfer, we marry off my mom, celebrate my brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, father-in-law’s and nephew’s birthdays, go to San Diego (and the San Diego Zoo), spend two days in Disneyland, go visit the ocean AND find out if Grace is going to be a big sister!!!

It’s going to be crazy busy and I’ve never been more excited! 

I hope you all are doing well out in blogland. Good night!

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  1. oh my stomach does flips with all of the excitement you have coming up.
    I need a vacation. and summer. and birthdays and super good news. :-)
    It's like you won the jackpot this month.


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