Sunday, March 1, 2015

Love, love, love...

It’s everywhere! Especially in February. Some call Valentine’s Day a fake holiday while others, like me, LOVE v-day! I mean, what’s not to love about a fun little holiday centered on chocolate, presents and making sure the ones you care for the most, know how much you adore them? I know this post is coming to you late (it’s been sitting in my drafts for almost 3 WEEKS), but considering we go all out in this house for love day, I still wanted to share. The wifey humored me this year and assisted in decorating our casa in Valentine’s decorations, which is something our gal couldn’t get enough of. She was in charge of decorating the windows and refrigerator with Monsters Inc. and Disney Princess rubber stickers and boy did she deliver. The fridge was covered!

I knew that my egg retrieval would fall two days prior to Valentine’s and that I would possibly be in a little pain on Valentine’s day, so we did most of our celebrating early and celebrate we did! For an entire week. :)

The week started with a Mama + Gracie Valentine’s baking session at home. I promised Grace weeks before that we would make some cookies and cupcakes for her grandparents and that she could do all the decorating. I will say that she ate more sprinkles then she used on the baked goods but she had so much fun and that’s what matters, right? She was a very messy and excited little helper!

Our next love day project was to work on homemade Valentine’s Day cards for Gracie’s aunts, uncles and teachers as well as her school buds. G picked up some foam pads and heart themed foam stickers and we let Grace go to work. Most cards were covered with kitties and dogs with random letters attached. These were her cards to decorate as she wished and everyone loved them! She was so proud of herself. The Bean also made goodie bags full of stickers, play-doh, candy and cards. The preschool love grams were her favorite to make.

As Gracie’s Nani does every year, she had all the grandkids over to make Valentine’s gifts for all us parents. The kids spent the afternoon crafting and playing in the backyard and had a blast. Thank you Nani for always doing so many fun things with our little ones.

School lunches were also so much fun to make this month! There were lots of hearts, pink treats, love notes and even a bit of cake involved. I love every part of being a mama but doing stuff like this for my baby girl makes my heart extra happy.

Our highlight of the week was that Gracie’s uncle Dean came to visit! Brother Bear turned 40 in February and decided to spend his Valentine’s Day and week leading up to the big 4-0 with us. Gracie was so happy to have her uncle all to herself and the two of them had a blast together. Uncle Dean even shared his birthday cake!

Such a great week, so much love! We hope you loved all your little V-day presents baby girl but more importantly, we hope you know how much you are loved on Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year!


  1. Shw is too cute! I love valentines day! I cannot wait for the boys to start school just so we can make treats like these :) you mommas are such a parenting inspiration <3

  2. So so so much love!!! It seriously pours off your blog sometimes. Your and G's families all seem so wonderful! How lucky Gracie is to grow up surrounded by that! Oh and the yummy adorable lunches :)


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