Monday, May 11, 2015

A day for the Mamas!

This Mother’s Day weekend marked exactly one year since my miscarriage. It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed because for as challenging as it’s been, it went pretty darn fast. I had a decision to make on Friday. Was I going to be sad and relive those feelings of loss, or was I going to acknowledge my feelings and move forward. I chose option B and I’m so glad I did. Miscarriage is a horribly painful thing that I would never wish on anyone and if you let it, it can drag you down into some dark and hopeless places. I didn’t want to allow myself to do that. My awesome brother-in-law was in town visiting. I got my hair did (thanks brother bear). The wifey spoiled me and I had a cutie patootie little gal to enjoy the weekend with. There was just too much good going on to feel anything but thankful. It honestly ended up being the best Mother’s Day we’ve had yet. :)

We had Mother’s Day Brunch at the same place that our maternity pictures were taken, 3 years ago. When I look back on those photos, I can still feel the joy that was pouring out of us as we waited to meet our baby girl. We didn’t think it was possible to be any happier and then she arrived. This perfect, happy, beautiful baby came into our lives and changed us forever. In that moment, the struggle to conceive and all the heartache melted away. She finally found her way to us and just like that, two mamas were born.

Georgia and I received our FIRST ever Mother’s Day gifts from Gracie this year! I adore our kiddo’s school and that they always go out of their way to make us feel supported. For Mama’s Day, the stinker made us these adorable flower pots decorated with her hand print and a poem on each side. Her super awesome teachers made sure she made two, one for each of her Mamas. I know some may think, well of course she made two, but sadly that’s not always the case. I have several friends who have kids with teachers who refused to allow them to make more than one Mother’s Day gift, even though they have two moms. It’s just so sad and wrong that things like that still happen.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day, so we tried taking family pictures because the restaurant we visited had a beautiful garden out front. After many attempts, this is what we ended up with. Is it weird that I LOVE these silly photos so much?! They capture exactly where we are as a family today. It’s a glimpse into our life with a toddler and it’s imperfectly perfect. 

And we must not forget two of the most important moms in my life! My beautiful Ma and 97 year old great-GREAT Grandma. Aren’t they just the cutest?

Georgia and I are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing, strong women like Gracie’s Gaga.

The Bean was in charge of watching over her “class pet”, Mr. Gray the dog for the weekend, so he accompanied us on all our weekend adventures.

{He joined us for Mother’s Day Brunch}

{Uncle Dom being silly with Senor Gray}

{He kept Grace company as she got a haircut earlier in the weekend}

{The two of them had a tea party}

{And they also had a few sleepovers}

My super thoughtful wife spoiled me for Mother’s Day, like always. She gave me a bottle of my favorite fancy perfume, J'adore by Dior, which is basically the best smell ever! I also go a new pair of Nike’s, yay! Mommy got spoiled too! Along with special gifts for her, I asked Gracie to draw a picture of Mommy on her Mother’s Day card… This was her creation! It’s the first picture she’s ever drawn of a person. Mommy looks so pretty, LOL! ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well! I hope you had the opportunity to be with the women who mean the most to you and felt loved all day. We had so much fun with our rambunctious little gal! We're so lucky to be her mamas.

Happy Mother's Day, friends!


  1. So glad that you were loved and spoiled this mothers day.
    I can't believe it's been a whole year either.
    You are so lucky to have a great grandma living. wow. and 97. she's looking great.
    I spent the night at my 92 year old grandma's house and helped with her yard work. It's the first time that I've slept over since I was a little girl :-) so fun.
    Any ways. Love the gifts and all of the love that is given at your house.

    1. Seriously, K? You have a 92 year old grandma?!?! Wow, my family must die off early!

  2. What a lovely Mothers' Day! You got spoiled good :)

    Your mom and great grandma look AMAZING!!!! You are going to rock your retirement years with that bloodline!

    1. Haha, thanks! I soooo hope I live to be in my 90's and look as great as my Grandma!


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