Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Preschool: Year One!

Guess what, little stinker? You have officially finished your first year of Preschool! You actually finished two weeks ago and you’ve already started a summer school program and still, your mamas are in shock that your first year is all done!

This first school year almost didn’t happen but we sure are thankful it did! Your co-op has a long waiting list every year but we somehow got you in and thank goodness because this has been such a great year for you! You’ve made new friendships, you’ve gone on so many field trip adventures, you’ve learned to spend your days with wonderful teachers without worry that your mamas aren't with you and your brain has grown! It’s grown a ton!

Mama has shared some posts of your preschool experience over this first year but that doesn’t even sum up everything you have done. I think you describe it best, often telling us that, “School is AWESOME!” It is and we hope it always remains awesome for you for many years to come.

{Ahhh, mom… Are we done yet?}

One your last day of school, Mama took a last day of school picture similar to the picture we took on your first day and while you look the same, you’re so much bigger! You are more vocal and that says a lot considering how chatty you’ve been since you were a little baby. You have no hesitation when approaching other kiddos and animals. You make friends very easily and are friendly to every kiddo you meet and you’ve become quite the leader. These are all skills that preschool has helped you to develop.

In your end of year Developmental Portfolio, your teachers outlined all of the school’s objectives that you have meet in just your first year. Just look at all the skills you’ve consistently demonstrated throughout the year:

- Displays support and respect of others
- Acts with purpose and uses tools
- Expresses emotion with increasing self-control
- Displays gross motor and fine motor skills w/out adult assistance
- Actively displays creativity and imagination
- Shows pride in creation and production
- Engages in problem solving, independently and with groups
- Enjoys playing near and with fellow classmates
- Displays ability to take responsibility for actions/self-awareness
- Meets/exceeds all academic milestones
- Speaking vocabulary exceeds 200 words (no surprise here!)

There was a lot more details and pictures included for each of these points but it basically translates into – you’re one smart cookie!

For your last day of school, your co-op had a pizza party for the kiddos and parents, so Mommy and I got to join in the fun. You all swam, played games, blew bubbles, ate pizza and enjoyed cupcakes in celebration of your buddy K’s birthday.

Your BFF, T spent most of the day with you basking in the sun and enjoying all of the goodies. We hung back with T’s mom and other parents laughing at how silly you all are and how much fun you were having.

And because your Mom is forever playing catch-up on our family blog, here’s a couple pictures from your last field trip of the school year. Your class went to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens and Mama and Nani came along too! Here are a few of Mama’s favorite pictures from your last outing in year ONE! Such a great way to end the year. :)

My new favorite Gracie video! The end is the best.
Love you, Mama


  1. That's an awesome pre school and also...I LOVE the picture of her throwing her body into the "Mom, come on" pose. Too cute.

  2. What a great preschool! I love the idea of a co-op preschool. The girls were at a preschool this year. Sometimes I wished that I could have been a fly on the wall - kids at this age are hilarious. It sounds like she had a fantastic year and is becoming such a little lady :)

  3. She looks SO.GROWN.UP!!!! What a fabulous school! Sounds like she really flourished there this year. You two have a smarty (and sassy) pants on your hands!


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