Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Plant a Salsa Garden √

3 months ago, Gracie and I planted a Salsa Garden. We watered it every other day, tended to the weeds and guess what? It grew; we harvested what grew and then we ate it! Everything so far has been delicious!

I’ve wanted to plant a “Salsa Garden” for many summers but couldn’t until now because we didn’t have a hospitable environment to grow anything in the backyard until last summer and at 2 years old, Grace was still a bit too small to help me. I really wanted our first gardening experience to me a Mama + Grace project, so this summer was perfect. Three years old seems to have been the perfect gardening age too because our gal has LOVED every part of being a little farmer!

We decided to start with seeds and didn’t want to plant anything too difficult to maintain because neither Georgia nor myself knew a single thing about gardening, hence the reason we stuck with basic salsa ingredients (and besides that, who doesn’t love salsa?!) We planted cilantro, several types of chile peppers, two types of tomato, oregano, onion, jalapeno and mint. Everything was planted in a small flowerbed, which was perfect because we are in no way qualified to farm anything larger. With the help of Dr. Google and this Companion Planting Chart, we planted our seeds and were so flippin’ excited about the whole process, haha!

I love that our little farmer helped every step of the way. She helped pick out our seed packets. She insisted on being the one to place the seeds in the ground and she filled her blue watering can almost every evening to go out and water. She would check the progress of her plants and come running in on days that she thought they looked bigger, just as excited as can be!

Princess farmer Gracie! She insisted on wearing her Sofia the First dress while we planted. ;)  

Here is 3 months of salsa garden progress…

G and I decided that this is something we’re going to do every summer from now on! I’ve loved being able to go out back and collect fresh ingredients for our evening meals. It’s been so much fun to watch our gal get excited over helping things grow and my heart melts anytime she goes on and on telling friends, family and teachers about her garden.

A few favorite meals made with yummy food WE grew!

Now if only the damn tomatoes and peppers would come in!

2015 Summer Bucket List – Plant a Salsa Garden √

1.     Swim school – CHECK
2.     T-ball – CHECK
3.     Dance class – CHECK
4.     Make a fairy garden – CHECK
5.     Go camping
6.     Feed ducks – CHECK
7.     Run through the sprinklers
8.     Visit the library – CHECK
9.     Make popsicles
10.  Go to Ranch Camp – CHECK
11.  Theatre Themed Summer School – CHECK
12.  Visit local water park
13.  Lake trip – CHECK
14.  Go swimming – CHECK
15.  Movies on the lawn
16.  Plant a Salsa Garden – CHECK
17.  Have a picnic
18.  Visit the Nature Center
19.  Make homemade playdough
20.  Go to a Zoo Music Concert
21.  Light fireworks – CHECK
22.  Roast marshmallows – CHECK
23. Make root beer floats 


  1. I love that she insisted on planting seeds in her princess dress! That's awesome!!! And go Ms. Gracie with your little green thumb! Way to go mom's. Looks like she really loves it!


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