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Summer Bucket List: Ranch Camp √ & Feed Ducks √

Wow, 6 posts in less than a week! That’s unheard of these days. I’ve been meaning to share pictures of Gracie’s first ever visit to Ranch Camp because it was aaaaa-dorable and while it’s taken me a few weeks, I’m finally doing it! I had this idea that Ranch Camp would involve holding baby chicks and looking at cows and such, but never thought it would involve a full days work on the farm. I was so wrong and we all got pretty sweaty but our stinker had a blast and it was actually fun getting our hands dirty and working with the animals. 

The camp we registered Grace for this first time around was a one day camp, which allowed parental involvement. Honestly, I don’t think either of us were ready to send our almost 3 ½ year old to a 5 day camp without her mamas. I wonder at what age shipping your kiddos off feels like an ok thing to do? Maybe when she’s 15 or if Georgia has her say, never! ;)

Here’s the agenda for our day on the farm:

The camp is run by youth volunteers so aside from the ranch owners, there are just kids and young adults involved with the day-to-day activities, making it all the more charming. We were told to wear lots of sunscreen, tennis shoes that we didn’t mind destroying and jean shorts or pants. It was HOT so we went with shorts and thank goodness we did because it was a scorcher of a day. You can tell by Gracie’s red face in all of these pictures. She was so sweaty!

We started at the baby goats and pig pens and let me just say, those pigs were gigantic and smelled horrible! Georgia thought she heard one of the farmers say that we could pet/touch the pigs, so as soon as we arrived at the pen of the biggest pig of them all, Grace pet her nose. Turns out, the instructions were to NEVER touch the big pigs because they are quite aggressive and bite. After watching the biggest of the pigs nearly tear down one of the fences a few minutes after our visit, we were just glad the Bean still had all her fingers!

The animals are fed with produce that’s no longer fresh enough to be sold and is donated by local grocery stores. I loved hearing this because if there’s one thing that drives me nuts, it’s being wasteful, especially with food. The Bean helped to separate breakfast for the animals with wagons and a shovel that was bigger than her. She insisted on holding the shovel herself and made the funniest grunting sounds as she dragged food off the table and into the bins. We were cracking up watching her work.

Once the wagons were full, each kiddo and their family moved the food into the big pen for feeding time. We listened to the instructions this time around and made sure that the only petting that took place during the feeding was on the animals’ backs and nowhere near their faces. Grace LOVED this part and giggled the entire time. She kept saying, “come and get it, little piggies” as she clapped her hands. It was so stinkin’ cute!

In between feedings, Grace played with other kids on what I’m pretty sure was a giant pile of manure…

She got to help groom the llamas!

She shoveled more food for another feeding.

She played!

She visited the plants and fishies. :)

Played some more!

Made a few new friends!

And helped feed the bunnies! This was her favorite of all!

Our little farmer certainly left her mark. Such a fun day. :)

2015 Summer Bucket List – Ranch Camp √ & Feed Ducks √

1.     Swim school – CHECK
2.     T-ball – CHECK
3.     Dance class – CHECK
4.     Make a fairy garden – CHECK
5.     Go camping
6.     Feed ducks – CHECK
7.     Run through the sprinklers
8.     Visit the library – CHECK
9.     Make popsicles
10.  Go to Ranch Camp – CHECK
11.  Theatre Themed Summer School – CHECK
12.  Visit local water park
13.  Lake trip – CHECK
14.  Go swimming – CHECK
15.  Movies on the lawn
16.  Plant a Salsa Garden – CHECK
17.  Have a picnic
18.  Visit the Nature Center
19.  Make homemade playdough
20.  Go to a Zoo Music Concert
21.  Light fireworks – CHECK
22.  Roast marshmallows – CHECK
23.  Make root beer floats


  1. This camp is AWESOME!! I grew up on a farm and would so love for the kids to experience this type of camp. Love love love the pic of her with the bunny and shoveling the slop into the wagon. A few things: 1) yep that sure is a big ole' pile of manure, lol! Fun stuff though! 2) each child is different but we did not allow "drop off" activities and camps until Little Monster had turned 5 and we were fairly confident of his abilities to "report" things to us if needed. This past summer was the first year of drop off in morning and pick up in afternoon camps and he LOVED (and flourished under) the independence and responsibility. 3) teen and adult pigs are MEAN. For real. I would rather go in a pen with a 2 ton bull than a 50lb adolescent pig. 4) Great check off post! 5) 6 posts in a week?!?! Heck yea, knocking them out! You are rolling!

  2. Thanks Amanda! The bunny pic is my favorite too. I just love how red, sweaty and happy she looks. I think I would be ok with a drop off situation around the age of 5 but it will take a lot of convincing to get G to agree. She takes the term "helicopter mom" to a whole other level, lol. I usually have to be overly laid back just to balance things out...


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