Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer!

You know what happens when you write the world’s longest blog post recapping your summer and then it disappears into Blogger oblivion? You get super pissed and don’t write anything again for two months, ha! That’s one reason I’ve been MIA but mostly things have been crazy around here and with Gracie back in school and me back at work, there's just never enough time. That last part is the really, really good news I’ve been dying to share with all of you! I am once again a working Mama and in this new position I’m actually using my graduate degree (MBA/HRM), which is most definitely an added bonus!

I had planned to stay home with Gracie until around November/December but then out of nowhere, a nurse friend of ours told me about a Human Resources Management position that her healthcare organization was hiring for and it was just too perfect to pass up. My friend B’s the Clinical Director in the practice. Her wife is also a friend of ours who is a nurse for the company as well and so far the position has been a great fit. I’m salary so there’s lots of flexibility. The office is brand new and located very close to the mall and lots of other fun shops and yummy restaurants. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though considering I’m really trying to eat less food and spend less money as we head into the holidays... but whateves! Everyone in the office is friendly. My awesome staff has already showered me with gifts for National Boss Day (yes, that’s a thing) and there are several other LGBT employees in the office making the environment really comfortable for this Lesbo! It’s just crazy how things work out sometimes. It’s even crazier when things work out after a year of everything NOT really working out in other areas. A welcomed blessing, for sure.

In my original post I wrote all about our end of summer adventures and even though it’s been two months since I accidently deleted it, I still can’t bring myself to write it all again. Instead, I’ll share the abridged version complete with lots of pictures! We have family in town visiting this week, which is why this is a quick update but I’ll have so much more to share including me and G’s first trip without Grace to Las Vegas (WOOT!), our road trip to Texas, visiting the State Fair, our Balloon Fiesta weekend and a long overdue update on our BIG 3 ½ year old. Oh and I should probably document our little gal’s return to pre-k. Sheesh… I’m so behind! Story of my life…      
Swim School: √

Swim school, oh how we love you! Grace started swim school a little over 4 months ago and she is obsessed with it! We found out about the school from a friend from college who couldn’t say enough good things about the place. We put our gal on a waiting list for 5 months and finally got in at the start of summer. It’s been totally worth the wait. The ratio of instructors to kids is 1 to 2; the facility is super nice and the coaches are awesome. It’s been 4 months so I’ve obviously taken around 2.5 million pictures. Here are a few favorites along with some video of the Bean’s progress earlier this summer.

Our little water baby!

Go Camping:

This trip really deserves a post all its own because the location was amazing. Both Georgia and I were born and raised here in New Mexico but before this camping trip neither of us had ever visited El Vado Lake and yeah, we’ve been missing out!

The thing I absolutely LOVED about El Vado is that it’s located deep in the mountains so it’s like you’re chillin’ at the lake and camping in the woods at the same time. The water is like glass and so beautiful. We were surrounded by mountains and trees and the night sky was like nothing else. G brought her ipad and on our first night after everyone went to bed, we charted stars on the app, Stargazer. Cocktails + star gazing = highly recommended!

Check out these cuties!

And the award for coolest grandparents goes to…

We went up for the weekend with Nani and Grandpa K and were joined by Grandpa K’s grandson, Gracie’s new cousin C. He’s the cutest and these two stinkers always have such a blast together! On this trip they were the captains of our boat! They lit firecrackers, had picnics together, played in the sunflower fields, took little hikes around the campsite and played in the dirt. So much dirt!

I grilled steaks for breakfast for the first time ever and they were actually good! See babe… I can grill!

We can’t wait to visit again next summer. :)


This summer was the Bean’s first time playing t-ball and she liked it, sort of. In the beginning of the summer she (along with the other kiddos) appeared to be far more interested in running around and picking flowers than playing baseball, haha! Grace was the youngest on the team by about a year so the tee was always just a bit too high for her but we didn’t mind and neither did she. Watching her go up to bat and smack that tee every time had us all cracking up.

Our gal was given a pretty pink bat by one of our friends and that was probably her favorite thing about the whole experience, lol. Her glove was also pink and her team shirts were the brightest green there ever was! The team’s bright green shirts inspired the team name, Ninja Turtle Mermaids and yes, Grace was responsible for suggesting the mermaid part!

In the 3 months that Gracie played on the team she learned how to hit a ball, catch, run the bases and stretch! More than anything, Georgia and I got lots of exercise chasing our 3 year old around the field doing everything we could to keep her focused on practice. All in all we realized that for now, t-ball does not appear to be her thing. Dance class, soccer, swim school and camp – loved it. T-ball… meh. ;) 

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon!    

2015 Summer Bucket List: 
20 out of 23 adventures checked off our list! I’d call that a successful summer!

1.     Swim school – CHECK
2.     T-ball – CHECK
3.     Dance class – CHECK
4.     Make a fairy garden – CHECK
5.     Go camping – CHECK
6.     Feed ducks – CHECK
7.     Run through the sprinklers – CHECK
8.     Visit the library – CHECK
9.     Make popsicles
10.  Go to Ranch Camp – CHECK
11.  Theatre Themed Summer School – CHECK
12.  Visit local water park – CHECK
13.  Lake trip – CHECK
14.  Go swimming – CHECK
15.  Movies on the lawn – CHECK
16.  Plant a Salsa Garden – CHECK
17.  Have a picnic – CHECK
18.  Visit the Nature Center – CHECK
19.  Make homemade playdough – CHECK
20.  Go to a Zoo Music Concert
21.  Light fireworks – CHECK
22.  Roast marshmallows – CHECK
23. Make root beer floats 


  1. What was the awesome song playing on the boat ride! Loved it Mary Villiers

    1. Thanks Mary! The song is Red Rain by Peter Gabriel. :)

  2. Thanks! Absolutely love your blog have been reading for years! ❤️❤️����Mary

  3. only 2 not checked off on your bucket list. That's awesome.
    Congratulations on your new sounds perfect.
    Love the swimming videos. She's a stud.

    1. Thanks mama! I've totally been "that mom" taking tons of video every week, lol! These two are my fav! :)

  4. Excellent recap! Totally negates that accidentally deleted post two months ago. Congrats on the awesome new job!!!! Lovely when things start falling into place after a year or so of the crappy shit show. Good yo see things looking up in your world because you deserve it!

    1. Thanks friend! I have a feeling this next year is going to be a great one! :)


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