Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Vibes :)

Believe it or not, I love Halloween even more than I love Christmas and I LOVES me some Christmas! The costumes, the treats, the parties, the pumpkins and decorations… I could go on and on. I think my love for this holiday is closely tied to my birthday given it’s just a few days before. I also think I adore October 31st because it takes place during the fall and what’s not to love about fall?!

Having a kid has made All Hallows’ Eve even better. Since Grace was teenie tiny, G and I have dressed her in orange and black Halloween themed outfits every October. I’ve relished in the fun of hand making her costumes and planning little pumpkin carving events for her and her cousins. Ekkk, it’s just so fun.

Going to the pumpkin patch as a family has been a tradition that we’ve had since our nephews were little and it’s something we’ve continued with Grace, which she thinks is just about the most fun there is. This year Halloween kind of snuck up on us and we weren’t at all prepared. I didn’t start the Bean’s costume until two days ago because she wasn’t even sure what she wanted to be until this past week. There was no Halloween wardrobe purchased because coordinating outfits wasn’t even on this Mama’s mental agenda this go’ round. I did manage to buy a few spooky crafting activities but I didn’t remember to cut out any time for all of us to do them together so those things are still sitting on the kitchen counter AND planning a family trip to the pumpkin patch didn’t even happen. The thing is, we’ve still had a pretty awesome Halloween, so far! 

I’m telling you, this whole go with the flow parenting style is totally growing on me. ;)

October celebrations began with our niece’s princess themed birthday party! Her birthday is the day after my ma’s so there was lots of celebrating that week!

I arrived a bit early to the stinkers festive little Halloween lunch at the Co-op so we got to hang together for a bit.

My wife totally nailed it with my birthday festivities this year! We went to Hooters to watch the Cowboys game on my bday (and yes, I know they lost... boooo). Even with the loss, I still thoroughly enjoyed Hooters for both the orange shorts and the food! We had a night of painting with yummy wine and we took the Bean to see Hotel Transylvania 2!

P.S. It’s such a great movie so be sure to take your kiddos!  

She wore these for nearly the entire movie. Basically the cutest thing ever!

I’ve officially been with my new company for nearly 6 weeks and look at what they did for my 34th! It was totally unexpected and meant so much to me. I’m still in adjustment mode with this new position but the people I work with are awesome and that makes the transition so much easier. :)

The weekend ended with pumpkin carving with Gracie’s Guncles! Their house is gorgeous and they are awesome hosts. We carved pumpkins, had mimosas and green chile stew. It was the best birthday I can remember having in many years.

The wife has some serious skills!

And today we joined Gracie’s class in visiting a local pumpkin patch! It worked out that I was a slacker this year in the planning department because the universe arranged for us to go pumpkin picking after all!

And check out this adorable hand-me-down outfit Gracie’s friend Stevie gave her. So cute!

One of my absolute favorite silly faces this kid makes, lol!

Corn angels! Hahaha!


I feel like it’s been Halloween for weeks and I’m loving every minute of it! Now to finish that princess mermaid costume… Wish me luck!


  1. You guys always have such great pictures. It looks like your life continues to be blessed with amazing family and friends. :) Wow, Gracie is getting so big. Still as beautiful as ever.

    1. Aww, thanks Stacey! I too can't believe how big Grace is getting or how big your kiddos have grown! I love watching all the fun you guys have on IG. :)


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