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A Very Merry Christmas // 2015

We had a pretty wonderful Christmas this year for one very good reason. For the first time in 3 years, our gal made it through the entire Christmas season, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s without getting so much as an upset tummy! Hallelujah! Last year it was Christmas Eve when things went south. Our poor gal was feverish, emotional and could not stop spilling her cookies (and G was sick too). The year before that she had a 48-hour flu bug, which kept us home rather than out taking in all the holiday sights. It was such a relief to be able to enjoy our time as a family without the added worry of whether or not we would spend our holiday in Urgent Care. It was a Christmas miracle and thank goodness for miracles because we had lots of places to go and Gracie was so stinkin’ excited!

This year our gal got it. Like really got it! She understood what Christmas was all about. She understood why we needed to go through her toys to select some to give to children in need and while that took about 2 hours to do, she did it and was able to explain back to us that she was helping other kids have a Christmas! She understood the books we read about the birth of Jesus and even told me at one point, “Hey Mama, did you know that Jesus is almost born?” which completely melted my heart! She was totally into writing her letter to Santa, practicing writing Thank You over and over again and for the first Christmas ever, she wasn’t at all hesitant to tell Santa during our visit what she wanted for Christmas. She even remembered that we needed to leave out cookies for him and carrots for the reindeer!

So focused! ;)

G’s family always gets together for Christmas Eve, so that was the plan but for the first Christmas Eve in years, we weren’t running around like crazy all day. We literally stayed in our pajamas watching Christmas movies, cuddled under blankets until it was time to get ready and head over to Gaga and Papa’s in the late afternoon. Georgia’s brother and my sister didn’t come home this year, so while it was odd that the house was so quite, it was also nice to have time with just the 3 of us. It was actually the first time we all relaxed together on Christmas Eve since the Bean was born.

To no surprise of ours, Gracie’s grandparents went all out and the Guncles sent lots of love (and presents) from LA too! Our gal’s princess dreams came to life with the amazing pink dress she opened on Christmas Eve and the gorgeous shoes that she hasn’t really taken off much over this past month. Gaga and Papa blew her toddler mind when they rolled out a battery operated Hello Kitty car that she promptly drove around the remainder of the night. Apparently the car has already been put in another room and Gracie’s is no longer allowed to drive it in their house (LOL). I’m sure it was tons of fun for the week that she actually got to play with it though… ;)

We spent the remainder of the evening eating traditional New Mexican food like tamales and posole and ended up calling it a night a bit earlier than expected when it became clear that the gifts + excitement + sweets were sending our threenager into a tailspin. She ended up falling asleep on the drive home giving us extra time to prepare for Santa’s arrival!

I’m pretty sure I’ve written this in every Christmas blog post since we became parents, but it’s worth mentioning again. Christmas Eve is one of our absolute favorite days to be Mama & Mommy! The excitement of wrapping those last remaining gifts, stuffing stockings and preparing for Santa make us feel like kids again! Georgia and I just love it. We always have a little wine and watch a favorite Christmas movie while we assemble everything (and by we, I mean G). She’s just so much better at assembling big things than I am. I’m more in charge of gift-wrapping, stocking prep and cookies for Santa. We each have our roles and I couldn’t love it more. :)

 And now for the presentation of the cutest Christmas morning video ever! I’ve recorded Gracie coming out to the living room on Christmas morning since she was just 9 months old and Georgia had to carry her. This year’s video is by far my favorite, hehe! So much personality with this kid.

Wasn’t that just the cutest?! You would think we bribed her to say some of these things but that’s just our gal in action, ha! She loved her presents and tore through them at lightning speed! This year Santa brought her a pink princess bike complete with helmet and pads and a pink Little People Princess Castle! She also got a few other favorite things and while she wanted to play with everything, she couldn’t wait to go outside and ride her bike!

One of G’s presents that I’m pretty sure she loved! It’s a pillow that has all of our important dates and last name along the side. I’ve edited it a bit as I’m trying harder to maintain a bit more privacy as Grace gets older (but I love it too much not to share)!

The early morning flew by and the Bean had a blast riding her bike around the neighborhood before we headed to Nani and Grandpa Kevin’s!

As my family does every year, we all headed to my mom’s house in our pajamas after opening presents at home to have Christmas brunch. I love this tradition for so many reasons. The first being that we all get to see each other first thing in the morning when the excitement and the magic of Santa is still so alive! I love that we’re all super relaxed because we’re not wearing stuffy Christmas holiday outfits (or even make-up for that matter). Mostly I love that it means I get to pick out special matching jammies for the Bean and her cousin every year! I can’t believe how big they look in this year’s picture.

The girls played Barbies all morning while the boys played football and we lounged around visiting. This year my great grandparents who are 96 and 98 joined us for brunch, which made it extra special.

Nani & Grandpa K. :)

And we must not forget the annual picture of Nani and the grandkids. We’ve been taking one in front of the tree since it was just my 14-year-old nephew when he was a baby. Seriously people, time flies!

We ended Gracie’s 4th Christmas having G’s parents over for an amazing dinner of lobster tail, shrimp and filet mignon before heading to my cousin’s house for an end of the night Christmas gathering.

It was a great send-off to 2015. :)


  1. Love the pics. What a great christmas!! I want those Santa tags--what a great idea!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one posting a mid January Christmas post, haha!

    Your family is adorable! I know I say that a lot but you all are just so cute and I love the pictures. That pillow is awesome! Great idea!

    I can't believe how grown up that Grace is looking these days, you are right, time flies!

    Here is to a spectacular new year for your family.


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