Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Earlier this month we celebrated our 4th Valentine’s Day as a family and it was a weekend filled with love, from beginning to end. I adore February 14th. I truly do! The cards, the sweet messages my wife always writes me; the candy and everything hearts. I adore every single part of it and so does my tribe.

I’m always confused when I hear someone talk about how stupid they feel Valentine’s Day is. Those comments about it being a worthless Hallmark Holiday always leave me feeling stumped. Why dislike a 24-hour period that’s dedicated to showing the people in your life a little bit more love, if even just for a day? For us, the festivities always last nearly a week. Now please understand, you will never catch us dinning in a restaurant of any kind on v-day. February 14th, 2010 was the last time we visited a restaurant to celebrate Valentines (and yes I know the date because it was right after our wedding, lol). We ended up eating at the 3rd place we traveled to because there were no open reservations at the two places we really wanted to go. Once we arrived at our 3rd destination, the wait was like an hour… They then sat us right outside the kitchen and when our waiter came to greet us, the first words out of his mouth were, “I hate working Valentine’s Day. It sucks.” Who can blame the guy I guess… I’m sure it does suck. Let’s just say, it wasn’t the most romantic of days, ha! So instead of braving the outside world with every other person in New Mexico trying to get a dinner reservation, we now celebrate by cooking an amazing meal or getting sushi and opt to stay in with movies and wine!  

On the Friday that kicked off our Valentine’s Day weekend, we sent our gal to school with little love packs for her school buds filled with princess cards, pink animal erasers, rubber balls and chocolates! She insisted on doing all her own cutting, gluing and assembly. She also picked all of our projects out herself, of course. The Bean’s super awesome teachers were given cute coffee mugs and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards. I would imagine they’ve received quite a few mugs over the years. ;)

Mama went with a Valentine’s Day themed lunch for the Bean and even threw a few cookies in there as a surprise, which I’m sure she loved. I love making fun lunches for this kiddo! We made her a few heart shaped sandwiches, juice with a pink heart straw and some healthy goodies. I wish we could have been there to watch her open her lunch, but even though we weren't, I'm happy that we got to spend the morning in the classroom. Just look at these cuties! My humans, they’re adorable.

In the afternoon I got the biggest surprise and totally cried like a baby, hence the puffy eyes. My girls came to my work with a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful orchid plant for my office. When I heard Gracie’s little voice in the lobby, I got so excited I just started crying. They came bursting in and stayed to meet my co-workers. This was the first time either of them visited my new office and Grace was a showstopper with everyone. They LOVED her!

The rest of our Valentine’s Day weekend consisted of brunch with Gaga and Papa, arts and crafts with Nani, gifts for the Bean’s dance buds and of course, a special gift for Gracie and G.

We're in the beginning phase of remodeling our master bathroom, so we said no v-day gifts this year... but I couldn't help myself. For my wife, the Harry Potter geek!

For our Valentine.

It was a lovely weekend full of so much love. 


  1. Love. Your family is out of some kind of fairy tale.

  2. That lunch is amazing. I love Valentines because Riley was born that day. We don't really celebrate it otherwise but we have the best reason to focus on our daughter instead. :P


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