Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Party planning is in full swing!

So, remember these…

Well guess what? We’re a week away from her FOURTH! Yes, our sweet baby girl will be a big 4 year old in one week and I simply can’t believe it. I swear, we were just talking about how her birthday was 3 months away and now we’re making final orders and finishing up DIY decorations for the big party this Sunday. Where does the time go?

This year the Bean initially asked to have a princess party… again. I’ll be honest in saying that Mama was not all together thrilled to throw a princess party considering her last birthday had a Little Mermaid theme and the one before was Sofia the First. After awhile, even girly girls like me get sick of pink and princesses, so I really hoped she would change her mind. Then something totally random and kinda awesome happened. While looking through her toy box a few weeks ago, she came across a unicorn stuffed animal my mom gave her last Valentine’s Day and wanted to sleep with it from that night on. This rekindled her love for My Little Pony and when she received 2 more, pink unicorn stuffed buddies for Valentine’s Day this year, she was hooked! Much to this Mama’s surprise, our Rainbows & Unicorn theme was born!
Change the 5 to a 4 and the name to Gracie! I can't wait for this to come in!

Gracie is so excited that it’s all she can talk about. This year we’re inviting her school buds and their parents for the first time, so I’m fairly certain that it’s all she talks about at school too! She’s super thrilled that we’re going to let her make the cupcakes for her class AND her very own 10 inch birthday cake for her party with a big unicorn and lots of sprinkles on top! She’s picked a lot of her decorations and helped Mama make unicorn horns for her guest last night (and by help, I mean drive me up the wall pulling tape from the dispenser, wanting to cut everything with scissors and write her name on every horn I made)... A DIY perfectionist + a toddler aren’t always the best combo in these situations, but we made it work. ;)

Because Grace is a March baby and we never really know what the weather is going to be like, we tend to air on the side of safety and try to find indoor stuff to do. This year, we rented out an entire indoor kids gym complete with slides, swings, jumpers, a dress-up station, an arts and crafts room and a zip line! We went to check out the space a few weeks ago and basically had to carry our excited kiddo out of the building as it closed to prepare for another birthday party. It was most definitely Gracie approved.

The Bean's uncles arrive in town on Friday and thus far we’re looking to have around 60 guests, so it should be an absolute blast! My goal for March is to squeeze in a birthday party post and 4-year-old update before the month is up. We’ll see if I can actually make that happen, lol!

I’ll leave you with the DIY unicorn horns we recently made. Grace was asleep when I finished, so G came to the rescue as my unicorn model!

Yay for rainbows & unicorns! 

Seriously, the easiest birthday party craft I’ve ever commissioned! :)


  1. Sounds like it's going to be an amazing party. You always throw great parties!

  2. That is SERIOUSLY a great theme!!! Might have to borrow for next year, lol! We have been lucky to avoid the princess theme (not sure how with us being the Disney enthusiast family we are) and then just this year, Boo declared she wanted a Frozen party. I am not sure exactly how that is going to go, but we will see. LOVE LOVE LOVE the previous party pictures and the unicorn craft. G makes a lovely unicorn horn model ;) Have a WONDERFUL party weekend and yes you better get your butt back her to post a party recap and 4 year update!

  3. Unicorns ROCK ! Great model too :-) Can't wait to see the final product.

  4. Just checking in on your guys! I hope everything is okay and that your ling silence means that good news are coming soon! :)


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