Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our SUPER Christmas Card // 2016

Now that 2 weeks have passed since mailing out our annual family Christmas card, I can share our superhero Christmas card with Blogland! 

And because our scanner is broken, this is a picture of a picture... but still, Yay!

When the Bean joined our tribe, I promised the wife that I'd only make her suffer through family pictures once a year, and because we took professional pictures to announce our pregnancy in November, a Superhero Christmas card it is! 

I'm so glad Georgia doesn't enjoy getting gussied up and didn't want to take holiday photos like most years because I LOVE the way our card turned out! I plan to frame this for W nursery and will forever have the happiest memories when I look back at it!

Now for some blog goals:
1. Write blog post about our participation in the 2016 Twinkle Light Parade. This was the first year we actually were on a float in the parade and it was so much fun!
2. Write blog post about our Operation Christmas Child event, which took place this past weekend. :)
3. Share this years pictures of our Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle Toes! She was even more active around the house this year than previous years, lol!

Here's hoping I can manage to do this before the month ends... I think I can, I think I can! 

Merry EVERYTHING, friends!   


  1. Loved the card! The superhero theme rocked!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much!! We love the way it turned out!


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