Saturday, December 10, 2016


We took the Bean to meet Santa this afternoon and watched happily as our big gal took her last picture by herself with Mr. Claus! Next year she’ll have a cute little 9 month old brother sitting next to her and the thought of that makes my heart want to burst into a million pieces!

We did another mini Santa shoot this year with our photographer Lindsey, who we adore. Our gal didn’t smile for Santa pics until we starting going to Lindsey and her husband and I’m not sure how she does it, but we always get the most beautiful, smiley picture of Gracie and Santa with them! I’ve framed my favorite Santa pic of the Bean in different decorative Christmas frames every year since her first Christmas. During the month of December, when the house is all festive and covered in Christmas, I display her collection of Santa pics on the entryway table and I LOVE looking at her with St. Nick through the years. It’s hard to believe that this will be her 5th Christmas! Time flies way to quick when you’re a parent!  

When Santa asked Grace what she wanted for Christmas, she responded, “I want a scooter to ride around the neighborhood and I would like for it to be pink, please”. I’m thinking that the Bean’s Gaga must be a mind reader because she has already purchased that very thing for her baby girl. Gracie’s going to be so excited!

My whole heart in one picture. ¤

And last but not least, Mama’s favorites of our stinker and St. Nick through the years! 

Happy 15 days until Christmas! :)


  1. Ok, you need to post a pic of all the different photos in their frames on the entry way table 😉

    1. I'll include a picture of the entryway table in my next post! Warms my heart!


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