Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Twinkle Toes | Year Three

Our super mischievous Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle Toes turned 3 years old this year! Grace was way more into her little elf than ever before and thank God for that because we used Santa’s little helper to keep our gal in line all month long, ha! Before you judge just know that a lot of parents do this and it works like a charm. Especially when you have a non-stop, often sassy 4½ year old. ;)

You don’t want to pick up your toys? Twinkle Toes is watching you, Gracie!

You were such a great kid at your doctor’s appointment – look at this little surprise TT brought you!

You need to start listening to Mama in the mornings or Twinkle Toes is going to report back to Santa that you’ve been naughty!

We definitely used our super elf for positive reinforcement more than anything else, but on those naughty days, girlfriend came in handy. Thanks T!

Here’s a few of Gracie’s favorite visits from TT this past month… 

The Bean loved finding TT in her tub and asked to take a picture of her with my phone, so this photo is courtesy of our gal who – for the record didn’t break the rules and touch Twinkle Toes a single time all month. She was so worried that she would lose her magic and didn’t dare come in contact with her. It was the cutest. J

And in completely unrelated news, here’s a picture of my beautiful 6 MONTHS prego wife lookin’ all cute with her baby bump while eating saltines (like always). Love you baby boy!

* 3 days to week 25 and VIABILITY *

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  1. We need a baby bump update. I mean twinkle toes is great and all, but come one, we have been waiting for this pregnancy FOREeeeeeVER with you!!!!!


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