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T H I R D T R I M E S T E R | 34 Weeks

On Saturday, our lovely baby maker will be 35 weeks pregnant! So technically, we’ve been in the third trimester for almost 2 months now! Georgia’s doing great but definitely ready for baby boy to make his appearance. The last 2 weeks have been tough, mostly because it seems like we crammed so much to-do items into the 3rd trimester and it feels like we’re running at full sprint. Even with that being said, I think G would be exhausted at this point either way because W is huge! As of our most recent appointment with G’s specialist two weeks ago, little man measured in the 82nd percentile for growth, compared to the 84th percentile in his appointment prior to this most recent one… To give you some perspective on W’s size – at 33 weeks’ gestation, sent me the notification that the baby should be weighing in at around 4 pounds. His actual weight at the time was 5.05 pounds (over a pound larger, which is a lot for a baby in the womb with 7 weeks left to grow)! G feels like her stomach is so heavy and sleeping is hard. Still, she marches on with a smile {most of the time}. ;)

With the second baby, things are like night and day compared to the first time around, with little time available for rest. Still I try and get G off her feet and sleeping in as much as I can with our 2 full-time jobs, a 5-year-old, 2 dogs and a household to run, lol. The first 2 trimesters flew by like nothing I’ve ever experience, and while it felt like we did so much during those first 6 months, there’s still sooo much left to do and Georgia has been a total trooper helping with all of it, despite her big belly and horrible heartburn.

Even with our growing list of things that must get done, this pregnancy has been so amazing and full of both special moments and so much love from our friends and family, which is what I’m excited to share about here.

But first, here’s our legendary and ever-growing to-do list. Once I wrote it all out, I realized that the wife and I need to give ourselves a little more credit. It may feel like we’re not doing enough and not checking things off our list as fast as we’d like… When in actuality we’ve done a whole lot and I’m proud of us #busymamas

Before Baby Comes // To-Do List:

1. Find a new OB-GYN – DONE
2. Completely clean out the guestroom / soon-to-be nursery – DONE
3. Purchase baby bedding and décor – DONE
4. Build cloth diaper stash back up – DONE
5. Replace the window treatments on kitchen side doors – DONE
6. Complete in-store and online baby registry – DONE
7. Complete FMLA paperwork x2 – DONE
8. Have flat screen in living room professionally mounted, i.e. create more space! – DONE
 9. Select and purchase a new car seat/stroller travel system – DONE
10. Get health insurance in order and begin paying bill for delivery – DONE
11. Replace the carpet in the living room – DONE
12. Have a massive garage sale (donate/purge whatever doesn’t sell) – DONE
13. Have 1st and 2nd glucose screening – DONE and passed both! Way to go, Babe!
14. Complete overhaul on vehicles: renew registration, have vehicles professionally cleaned, check tire pressure, install car seats, have oil changed – DONE
15. Have an awesome BABY SHOWER, yay! – DONE (blog post coming soon)
16. Register Gracie for kindergarten – In Progress
17. Plan an in town Babymoon for the mamas-to-be – DONE
18. Throw a 5th birthday party for our big girl – DONE
19. Schedule and have maternity pictures taken – scheduled for tomorrow!
20. Register Grace for BIG sister classes @ the local hospital - DONE
21. Have nursery Outer Space mural painted by artist friend – happening Friday!!!!!
22. Save 3k for mat leave (current savings balance is $2,100 w/3 more paydays plus a tax return to add to Mama’s stay home with baby fund!)
23. Schedule newborn professional pictures
24. Purchase gift for sister bear from baby brother :)
25. Begin inducing lactation (for me, Mama!)
26. Arrange and decorate nursery – it’s stressing me out that this isn’t already done…
27. Organize W’s GIANT wardrobe and closet
28. Make plan for when labor starts including childcare for big sister
29. Pack hospital overnight bag and diaper bags

That’s a lot of stuff, right?!

BABY REGISTRY | Let me just say that registering for a baby shower and picking a car seat/stroller set may just be the most fun thing there ever was, especially when you didn’t think you would have a second baby shower! Both G and I come from traditional Hispanic families who believe that having a baby shower for each of your children is tacky and should be avoided at all costs. Because this has been hammered into our heads over the years (and as ridiculous as it may sound) we both thought we would just skip the celebration of W’s arrival. That was until my BF called to say that she was throwing us a shower along with our friend Kassie and there was just no getting around it! Yippee! Because of this, we had to take inventory of what baby stuff we needed after having packed away and given away so many things over the past 5 years. This also forced me to go through NINE extra-large vacuum-sealed storage bags of Gracie’s clothes to make space for baby brother and while it took a full week of evenings to go through it all, I was so happy once it was done! I saved our favorite girly outfits and cut our storage bags down from 9 to 3 ½, donating 5 full trash bags of little girl clothing! I was so happy to see them go! Anything for more space.

Finally, the day came when we ventured out to register for the shower and it was a freakin’ blast! Gracie came with us and played a special little role in helping us pick stuff out for her baby brother. She even tested out all the strollers we liked, haha! In one evening, we ended up both finding our diaper bags, our dream stroller/car seat set and all the baby gear we fell in love with at and on! It was such a fun day and I love that our gal was a part of it!

Puppy Love // The little things

There wasn’t a whole lot of clothing that we registered for because I’ve been a crazy baby shopaholic since right around the time we found out we were having a boy. Georgia has had to tell me to calm down and stop spending money more times than I would like to admit, but can you blame me?! I mean, who would have thought that shopping for a little dude is just as fun as shopping for a baby girl! I couldn’t just leave the stores without some of these things. LOOK how cute!

I can only take credit for purchasing 4 of these pairs of shoes… The rest were gifts but still, I just had to share the cuteness!

I even made G and Grace shop for cute baby shower outfits and while it turns out that expecting moms who are 7 ½ months pregnant don’t enjoy trying on clothes, G humored me and found a cute shirt that matched me and Gracie’s dresses. I’m pretty sure she thanked me in her mind when she saw how cute we ended up looking! ;)

BABY SHOWER | Check out these invitations! I almost died when Sara sent me the proofs and these don’t even compare to how perfect our shower was! Our dear friends thought of absolutely everything and thankfully we were able to talk the group into letting us help decorate the night before. Sara and Vince’s daughter is a month older than Gracie and the two are inseparable, so they had a blast while we decorated. I can’t wait to share all the pics!

WOMEN’S MARCH | Back to the start of trimester #3, which began with baby boy’s first peaceful protest! It seemed to be perfect timing that the day G turned 28 weeks and entered her 3rd trimester, was the same day that over 3 million American’s rallied to stand for women’s rights and march on Washington! We joined a hug group of friends, made some awesome signs and headed to the plaza where the rally began.

It was amazing to see how many New Mexicans came out to support the protest and just women in general. It was honestly the largest crowd that I’ve ever seen in the plaza, even bigger than the city’s huge Summer Fest! And can we please talk about our amazing little feminist. This girl had the crowd cheering like crazy, giving her thumbs up and just going nuts. We were so proud of the fact that she knew exactly why she was there and why her moms and brother were marching. We’ve always been very honest with Grace about what’s going on in the world around her but with Trump, we weren’t her primary influence. He was. Early on in the presidential campaign, she began telling us that she thought he was a mean guy and a bully. She didn’t like the commercials of him making fun of people and yelling at everyone and honestly, she just really didn’t like him. As we prepped for the march, we did tell her the 4-year-old version of some of the mean and disrespectful ways that Trump has treated women and she was just so happy to be there with her sign and all of us.

I know I’ve said it before but we’re just so proud of this gal. She’s going to be such a great big sister! She’s been practicing non-stop. :)

BABYMOON | The wife and I always intended to take an actual Babymoon before little guy's arrival. With Gracie we had to skip it because, after finding out about Gracie's cleft lip @ 28 weeks, all extra funds needed to be saved for her operations. Still, even this time around we didn't plan to go to Jamaica or anything that fancy, but did want to do something out of town. Then toward the end of last year, my bestie invited us to join a group of our friends in Las Vegas for her husband's 40th birthday and we decided to jump on a plane and join knowing this meant an out of town Babymoon 2-3 months later wasn't going to be possible. If only we had a full-time nanny!

Fast-forward 4 months (that seemed to move at lightning speed) and Valentine's Day was suddenly upon us, when I realized that we hadn't done anything, just the 2 of us and baby was almost here! Being the romantic, hunk a hunk of burning love that I am, I got busy planning a full spa day for my very pregnant wife and I! Our day included a night off from parenting thanks to my amazing in-laws, a yummy dinner of G's favorite Asian cuisine, a one-hour prenatal massage, facials, some Jacuzzi time (for me) and an evening at the baths. It was incredible and exactly what we needed! Georgia was so relaxed and my skin never looked better. We ended the night eating leftovers in our bed while watch GIRLS. It was the best.

THE NOW | This brings us to these past two weeks and they’ve been just amazing! We’re checking stuff off our list every week and feeling more prepared. My co-workers have been amazing, leaving presents in my office nearly every morning for our little man. Many of the gifts we’ve received have been handmade; including a quilt my 99-year-old great-grandma made her grandson that brought me to tears! We also had a friend make him a black bear made to match the Outer Space theme of his nursery, as well handmade burp clothes, Pee-pee Teepees and another knit blanket that should be ready any day! See – amazing!

G’s belly is huge and I LOVE it, as does Mavie and the entire family! I’m literally counting the Mondays until I’m off of work and in the nest with our son and the wait is torture! I’m at the point where every week drags and even if W is born at the same gestation as his sister, I still have 3 more Mondays to get through, ugh!!!!! I really shouldn’t complain through. At least I can sleep, eat food and see my toes, ha! My poor lady. ;)

Your family is so beyond ready for you little guy!

Our beautiful boy!


  1. All joking aside, when are our families getting together?!?!

  2. Seriously though! My sister used to live in NY and I visited many times. She now lives in Canada and I miss the East Coast like crazy! The next time you all are in NM, you all can stay with us. :)


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