Sunday, June 4, 2017

One Month of William

Two things, before I begin. First, how stinkin’ cute is this little dude’s one month picture?! I can’t even handle it! Second, this is my 3rd post in a week! That’s pretty darn impressive for someone who couldn’t find the time to post for 7 weeks! I’m thinking we’re starting to get the hang of this family of four stuff, thankfully! If you want to catch up on what’s going on in our neck of the woods, click here to read this cuties birth story and to see his absolutely adorable newborn pictures taken with Gracie, click here.

Our sweet little man is closer to being two months old than he is from turning a month old now, but I’ve been jotting things down during our time at home as a family specifically for this post, because I don’t want to forget a thing! You know that saying, the days are long but the years are short? Well, change years to weeks and that perfectly describes what it’s felt like since our maternity leave began. While we try and get out of the house as often as possible and go on at least one family adventure each week, most days we’re snuggled in bed with coffee and kids until 11am… running around the house cleaning up after two little stinkers… G’s pumping (always pumping)… feeding hungry babies… wiping little booties and then looking at one another shocked when we see that it’s 8pm. Seriously, it feels like we live in a time warp! A beautiful, full of so much love, exhausting time warp!

If I were to describe Will in one word, that word would be – perfect! Now before you roll your eyes and stop reading, allow me to explain. This little guy of ours is super chill. He doesn’t fuss, like ever. He hardly ever cries, but when he does, he sounds like the sweetest little baby bird wanting food. He sleeps like a champ. He’s a great eater, consuming around 2-2.5 ounces every 2-3 hours his first month and is always the happiest boy after eating. He hasn’t had any of the constipation or gas issues that Gracie had as a newborn and the kid can sleep in any environment. We’ve done the same thing with Will that we did with Gracie when she was a newborn and that’s to avoid modifying his environment or creating a silent house aside from when we put him in our room around 11pm every night to go to bed. He sleeps through his sister singing on her Karaoke machine, the dog barking, doorbells ringing and us talking over the voices on the TV and could this baby be any cuter?! See – perfection!  

Our boy has battled baby acne in his first month but it looks to be clearing up and his head is finally getting over the 24/7 dry scalp phase! The stinker LOVES to be held (all the time) and so we hold him (all the time). I’m sure there are parenting experts out there who would say that’s wrong of us to do, but how can something that feels so right, be wrong?! I say that as one of two moms who still takes turns lying with our 5 year old every single night, until she goes to bed and have done so since she was born… Turns out we’re attachment parents. Who knew, ha! 

I have to brag about Mommy for a quick bit because I have been just so amazed with Georgia’s pumping efforts. She’s a damn rock star and exclusively pumping hasn’t been easy. It is so.damn.hard actually and my hat goes off to anyone who has to exclusively pump! I should start by saying that G doesn’t mind me sharing the following information – she has inverted nipples. This means that instead of her nipples pointing outward, they point in like a belly button. This combined with Gracie’s cleft lip + her tongue-tie that we didn’t find out about until she was several weeks old is what resulted in her being a formula fed baby (and there’s nothing wrong with that, btw). This time around, we knew to have our lactation consultant and Dr. check Will at the hospital for a tongue-tie, which he did have and was corrected the day following his birth. We also went into his birth with determination to breastfeed, equipped with 3 Medela breast pumps, one with a car adapter to pump on the go + one for our bedroom + one for the living room! G’s milk was slow to come in but it completely arrived around the morning of day 3 and has continued to gradually increase since. She has had to pump every 2-3 hours since April 11th which includes the middle of the night pumps, pumping on the go, leaving family gatherings to pump, pumping half asleep, pumping while cooking dinner, pumping with chapped and bloody nipples… basically my amazing wife has put her boobs through hell for our Sonnie Bear. I did the math and she pumped around 270 times in William’s first month alone and currently has 41oz of breast milk stored away for when she returns to work with about a week and a half left to further grow our stash! When I see how much bigger our little man has grown or marvel at the fact that he doesn’t have the gas or reflux issues that his big sister had with formula, I’m in total awe of her. 

On to big sis! She’s doing good and adjusting pretty darn well to her new role as sister, first born and the sharer of her moms’ attention. There has been some acting-out that surfaced around 2 weeks after Will was born (after the shinny new baby-ness began to wear off). Some things we’ve noticed is that she is much more emotional and is feeling all the feels these days. For example: the other night we drove by a very big dog who was in the street a couple of cars ahead of us and stopped traffic as people tried getting the dog to safety. She watched the dog’s eyes glow in the reflection of headlights and that was it. She was freaked out! She didn’t want to get out of the Jeep when we got home. She was so upset and scared that the dog would find our home and get in the house and bite her that we had to call her Gaga and Papa to help calm down. We watched some puppy videos instead of reading before bedtime, which helped her to sleep, but still – it was behavior so not like her. She cries about one thing or another more than before and has started asking for sippy cups of milk again, hehe. I’ve also noticed that her demeanor has changed since brother’s arrival. She’s louder, more hyper, way more active and just basically has zero chill. I’m certain she feels she needs to do more to make her presence known and just really wants the attention, so we’re working on it. There’s been lot’s of talking, cuddling, special time for just her and reassurance that she will always be our first. We continue to tell her that only she gets to be our #1 and then we listen to her feelings and shower her with complements anytime she does any nice big sister stuff. At the end of the day, she adores her little bro. She asks to hold him all the time, everyday and is our amazing little helper. It’s the sweetest!    

{Here’s a bit more on what our sweet boy was up to during his first month with us and a tons of month ONE pictures because, Mama takes a lot-o-pictures. But you already know that!}

Growing | Little guy’s already grown out of his size xs cloth diapers! He’s still in newborn outfits but can also wear some 3-month onesies. He has yet to wear shoes because they fall off moments after we put them on, but he does rock some very cute socks! We are so excited for him to wear his adorable ball caps once that beautiful head of his gets bigger. At little man’s one month check-up he weighed in at 8.7 pounds and was 21 ¼ inches tall!

He LOVES | Kisses! One of the cutest things that Will does is fall asleep the minute you start kissing his face. If he’s restless or getting impatient while waiting for G to finish pumping milk for him, all I need to do is start kissing his cheeks, forehead or lips and he falls fast asleep and head rubs have the same effect! He loves to watch Gracie and Mavie run around like a bunch of maniacs and is a huge fan of taking warm showers just like Gracie was as a babe.

He doesn’t like | Being cold. This means that Will is always wearing socks, long sleeves and pants even though it’s summer because our air conditioner makes my poor little one so cold! The wipe warmer is his best friend and swaddling him up is all that’s needed to relax our little bean and fight off the cold. As previously mentioned, he also does not like to be put down. He’s just such a cuddle muffin!  

He can | Sleep through the night! Georgia makes excellent sleepers. Grace was and still is a kid who sleeps 10+ hours a night and could sleep through a hurricane and it looks like Will’s going to be the same way! He started sleeping through the night at around 3 weeks old, first sleeping from 11pm to 6am and he’s started sleeping even longer since! The 3am feeding is now gone too. Little dude is just such a great sleeper! Buying the Owlet was the best investment ever for this reason. We don’t wake up in a panic when he sleeps for long stretches nor are we obsessively checking on him like we did with Gracie because the Owlet monitor keeps track of it for us!

Other than that, he mostly just ate, slept and pooped during month one, lol. He did also find his voice and makes the cutest little cooing sounds more often now that his alert/awake time has increased. Little guy’s eye contact and ability to follow with his eyes has been great since day one and neck control is getting better everyday.

Current Nicknames | Brother Bear, Brother, Dinky Do, Booboo Bear and Sonnie.

Our friends and family have been the most amazing support for us since Will came into this world. They set up a Meal Train for us which provided 100% of our groceries and every single dinner we had the first 3 weeks we were home – which was just amazing! We’ve had so many visitors and special gifts delivered to the house celebrating our baby boy and we just could not ask for more. It’s all meant so much to us. :)

And that pretty much sums up our first month with this sweet boy of ours! We still can’t believe that we get to keep him and we’re just so in love.
Our new view. :)

Until next time!



  1. What a great post and I LOVE all of the pictures. :)

    We hold Charley 24/7 too. She is rarely put down and we think it's natural. :) You're doing an amazing job.

    I have flat nipples and I also pumped a bit with Riley but she was mostly formula fed. I breastfed Jackson by using nipple shields. If she ever does want to try, I found the nipple shield helped work it like a pump AND the baby thought it was a bottle so he latched easily and could use either the entire time he was breastfed. It makes going out easier and night feedings nice if you can lay down and feed. I hate that your mat leave is so short though because I guess pumping makes the most sense where you are. :(

    The sibling bond is so beautiful to witness. Of course it is also a nightmare at times when they're older but mostly it's beautiful. ;)

  2. Anonymous06 June, 2017

    random question: what happened to all the nursing prep you (K) did?

    1. I didn't produce milk and stopped pumping after 8 weeks of trying to induce. Can I ask who you are? I haven't had "anonymous" comments until recently, so I'm just curious. :)

    2. Also, the medication was giving me severe bloody noses! Crazy, right! :/

  3. He is absolutely the CUTEST!!!! Finally able to get on here and comment (now that back from vacation) but have been reading every post!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the side by side bedroom views. That is what all that effort and heartache was for. Right there. Georgia is a rockstar baby maker but damn you are the most awesome baby room decorator ever. Period.

    1. Thanks friend! I have been doing the exact same thing! I follow my fav blogs on my phone with the intention of getting on my computer to post comments at a later time, but that rarely actually happens.

      I LOVED decorating Will's nursery and it's still my favorite room in the house! I'm hoping to get out another post today or tomorrow before we head off to the cabin for a few days. Can't wait to read all about your vacay!

  4. Hi the baby is sooooo cute , he know how to smile is the camera hehe thanks for sharing Godbless


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