Sunday, July 30, 2017

// 3 Months of William //

My sweet boy, how in the world are you 3 and a half months old already?! How, how, how? Mommy and I were chatting on Sunday about how quickly we felt sister grew to be the smart 5-year-old she is today, and how you seem to be growing even faster! It’s heartbreaking really, but super exciting too! Hands down, month 3 brought about the most changes you’ve had so far and you continue to blow our minds, on a daily basis. What’s the most amazing thing you’ve done to date, you ask? Well my son – you’re saying actual words! Yes. True story. You can now say “Mama” and “Hi”. Both short words, but still – WOW! When we’ve shared with friends that you’re so chatty, we’ve been told the following: No way… Maybe you just thought you heard him say that… Not possible… What?! But here’s the amazing thing, you say both words often and both in context! If Mommy or I say hi to you, you respond with “Hi!” and you say it with excitement and a smile and it’s just about the cutest thing in the world! Here’s a little video Mommy recently took of you saying hi. :)

You also say Mama, which is my favorite thing ever! I will admit that I basically began brainwashing you to say this, hoping it would be your first words since you were just a few days old! We’ve practiced saying it every day, several times a day and now you say Mama. This lovely word is only spoken by you when you’re crying, usually when you wake hungry, but even at this age, you know you’re calling me and I always come running. If I’m holding you while Mommy pumps and put you down for any reason, you immediately cry out, “Maaamaaa!” and you don’t stop calling/crying for me until I pick you up again. You’ve also let out a few “Mum”(s) in recent weeks, which I think makes Mommy very happy.

Both Mommy and I are back at work now and we’re missing you and sister like crazy. We treasure the cuddling we get with you both in the mornings and we now live for our evening time together and the weekends. I think the transition back to work would have been so much harder if we didn’t have Gaga and Papa. Just knowing that we’re taking both our babies to two people who love them just as much as we do and live to keep you happy and safe, is just such an amazing blessing!

~ Here’s a little recap of what you were up to in month 3 ~

* Size: 12 lbs., 14 oz. and you are now 24 ¾ inches tall! You are wearing size 3-6-month clothing but closer to 3 months in size and you’re ready to move up to the next size sleeping swaddle and shoe. It’s only a matter of time before you fit in your adorable ball caps and I can’t wait for that.  

* Eating: You LOVE Mommy’s milk! You’re currently drinking a 4 ½ - 5 ounce bottle every 3-4 hours and we’ve started to introduce a bit of organic formula as well. You had your first taste of formula about a week before you turned 3 months when Mommy’s production dropped way low, but thankfully it’s back up now. We send organic formula to Gaga and Papa’s to be used in emergencies when you have super hungry days and go through the 10oz of breastmilk we send.

* Health: You are pretty darn perfect and super healthy. You’re right on track on the growth chart for all your Ped visits and hitting all the milestones for a baby your age. You still have a very dry scalp, which breaks Mama’s heart, so I regularly bathe you in coconut oil and will be trying some new remedies this week! You have yet to experience any kind of diaper rash and you handled you first series of shots like a champ. Seriously good, as in zero tears! We were amazed!

* Sleep: Amazing! You are just such a great sleeper! Mommy and I typically give you a bottle of breastmilk between 8:30-9pm and you eat and go to sleep right after we put sister to bed. Mommy is more of a night owl than me, so she gives you your last bottle for the night at midnight and that knocks you out until 6-7am! I can only think of one night in the past month that you woke in the middle of the night and all you wanted that night was a little cuddle. You sleep right next to Mama’s side of the bed in your Pack n Play and you sleep through all the noise I make while getting ready for bed (including watching a few episodes of Friends). So far, you seem to be a much heavier sleeper than sister was, which means you will probably stay sleeping in our room until around your first birthday.

* Likes: Your Milk Maids black and white blankie is your absolute fav. It’s the softest blanket on earth and you LOVE to put it on your face, which always stresses Mama out, even though it’s advertised as a “breathable blanket” and we’ve tested it out to be sure. You have begun to recognize yourself in mirrors, specifically one we pass when coming out of Mommy and Mama’s room. You adore ceiling fans and would be happy watching them all day and you really enjoy watching cartoons with sister! You eat your fists all day long and I can tell that you are trying to figure out how to get your foot in your mouth, so I’m sure that’s next. You have become super ticklish and give us the best and loudest belly laughs when we tickle your belly and under your arms. It’s the best! You’ve also started showing interest in baby toys so Mama disinfected all of them and you now have one anytime we leave the house. We’ve loved watching you play with the same little toys that sister loved as a baby. :)

* Dislikes: You still do not like to be out of sight of us. This month you began crying anytime we sat down for family dinner, as though you knew you were being left out or something, ha! Now Mommy and I take turns holding you at the table while we eat because we don’t want you to be left out either. You don’t like when we lay you down in a room we’re not in, as you would prefer to be right by our side, at all times. Our little mama(s) boy! You also dislike being cold, drinking cold milk and getting your nose cleaned with the Nose Frida. Thankfully, you don’t scream bloody murder when I clean your nose now like you did as a newborn in months one and two!

* Milestones: You are just inches away from sitting up on your own, which always makes us laugh because you obviously have abs of steel! You crunch and stretch your arms out in front of you like Superman and try with all your might to sit up. It’s too funny! You can sit up straight in your Bumbo without even the slightest head bob like such a big boy. You’ve begun to attempt to roll over in your Pack n Play, which is making Mommy and I nervous to continue allowing you to sleep in a swaddle! As mentioned above, you can say Hi and Mama and I’m just dying to see what else you say in the coming months. You also grab on to everything now. You grab our hair, hands, clothing, everything! We’re pretty sure that you are in the early stages of teething because you are a drool monster! You even have to wear a bib 24/7 now because you soak your shirts if you don’t have one on! Also, you’ve started holding your bottle from time to time. You usually get a bit lazy (hehe) and lets go a few minutes in, but hold it you can!

* Big Sister! You adore your sister and she’s back to being obsessed with you too! The first month you were home with us, sister bear couldn’t get enough of you. Then in month two, she seemed a bit less obsessed but now she’s back at it. Gracie asks to hold you every day and she loves that you laugh, smile and do a little talking now. Anytime you make a funny noise, she cracks up and is always talking about “how adorable” you are! Sister starts Kindergarten on August 1st, which means that it will just be you with Gaga and Papa from 8:30-3:30pm every day. I know that sister is going to miss being with you guys so much, but we’re also really excited for her to start big kid school and just know she is going to LOVE it! 

What we’re looking forward to: You’ll be starting swim school with sister in the next 2 months and we just can’t wait! The baby class is parent led, so you know Mama is all over that! Sister’s swim school has a ridiculous waiting list and while it took Gracie 6 months to finally get in, we’re hoping your name will get to the top of the list in the next month or so! We’re also excited to see you roll over, which we think is going to happen any day now and teething appears to have begun so we’ve ordered you your very own amber necklace! Our fingers are crossed that teething won’t be too terrible for you, sweet boy!

And what would a monthly post be without a little photo/video dump of our handsome guy! We love you sonnie bear. :)


  1. Completely ridiculously absolutely adorable he is!!! Love the pic of him all sprawled out asleep with hands up in air. Chill dude all the way.

    1. He's so funny when he sleeps! He either pulls his blanket over his head or falls asleep on his side in a ball, ha! He nearly rolled over in his sleep yesterday, so I'm thinking that's coming soon. :)


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