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4 Months of William

Hey cutie patootie! As of this past Friday, you are now a big, oh so handsome 4-month-old and your little family is still totally obsessed with you! I feel like I say this every month, but you changed a ton this past month and checked several more milestones off your first-year to-do list! I feel I should start with the most exciting thing that happened in month 4 and that would be that you – my little man, rolled over and completely shocked Mommy and me! Ekkkkk! You’re not a fan of tummy time and usually only last around 5 minutes before you let us know that you’re over it, so we haven’t been the most consistent with your TT. Then, this past weekend, as you laid on your back under the lights of your play mat, you began swinging your legs back and forth and started flopping over on your side, which totally surprised us! Your sister bear rolled from tummy to back for the first time when she was nearly 5 months and then mastered the back to tummy roll over at 5 1/2 months old, so we weren’t expecting this from you so early on! You have since rolled over 4-5 more times, so now our days of leaving you laying on the bed without supervision, even for just a quick second are over and you’re only 4 months old. Slow down, sonnie bear!

You can now hold your own bottle for up to about a minute even though your bottles are heavy, you strong little dude! Mommy and I use glass bottles for you, which means they are heavier and a bit bulky with the silicone covering they have on them, but I think the silicone outer cover is what has actually helps you to grab the bottle so well. When feeding time rolls around, you are usually so starving that if we let you try and hold your bottle the whole feeding, you get frantic and try shoving the entire top of the bottle in your mouth and end up spilling milk all over your face and bib! You’re just such a hungry little man 24/7, but you’re getting better and will be holding your bottle for entire feedings soon.

The thing that Mommy and I are loving the most is watching just what a happy baby you continue to be. It takes next to nothing to get the biggest smiles from you and the giggles haven’t stopped since you learned how to laugh. You love being tickled and you want to gaze happily at us all day long. Seeing your smiling face first thing when you wake us (regardless of the hour of night), makes everything better! We keep waiting for you to go through a fussy stage, but it has yet to come. Still, now 4 months in, the only time we hear anything that remotely qualifies as crying, it’s typically caused by 3 things: 1. You’re hungry 2. We’re making you do tummy time or, 3. It’s bedtime or naptime and you want to be swaddled. Even when these things happen, you cry for about 30 seconds and as long as we love on you, you’re all better.

On a side note, you are the absolute cutest when you cry, so Mommy and I don’t mind one bit (and usually take pictures of your adorable crying little face). Hehe! #meanmommies

Your Mommy is amazing and just celebrated 4 months of exclusively pumping breastmilk for you, which means she has pumped day and nights for going on 150 days! I know that you don’t understand why this is such a big deal right now, but you’ll get why it’s been so important to us when you are a parent yourself. Right now, Mommy’s pumping efforts are giving you super important antibodies that will help you fight off viruses and many kinds of bacteria. Because of the yummy breastmilk you drink daily, you have a lower risk of having asthma or allergies and a much lower chance of developing ear infections, respiratory illnesses or even things like diarrhea! You, my precious son, will now have a lower risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and obesity, which makes us very happy. Your mamas have introduced a bit of organic formula into your diet so that it’s not a total shock if we transition to that in the future. Unfortunately, the organic formula we introduced made you very constipated so hopefully we won’t need to make that transition any time soon!

Here’s more of what you were up to in month FOUR!

* You have officially lost most of your beautiful hair, you little baldy! You were born with a ton of hair but when you were 2 months old, you developed cradle cap and mama did all the wrong things in trying to care for it. I washed your little head way too often and dried out your scalp making it worse! Then most of your hair fell out, tear. :(  Thankfully it’s growing back now but you’re still pretty much bald… Sorry kiddo!

 * You have discovered your toys and actually grab on to them and put most directly in your mouth now! You have a few colorful toys that have hung from your car seat since we brought you home from the hospital, and up until about 2 weeks ago, you never really noticed that they were there. Now you’re grabbing on to them, swinging them around and laughing anytime they hang overhead. 

* You’ve been spending more time on your activity mat and seem to really love it! Anytime we lay you down there, we can hear you talking up a storm, cooing, giggling and yelling, which always makes all of us laugh! Because you like to be in the mix with us but no longer like hanging out in your bassinet, it’s nice to have other places for you to chill. Having the option to plop you down in the Bumbo or lay you out on your play mat helps keep you happy and that makes us happy! Especially when you join us at the table for dinner, hehe!

* You LOVE to laugh out loud and do it often. Sister is still the one to get the best smiles and laughs out of you but Mama can crack you up too (and it’s my favorite thing to do)! Here’s one of my favorite videos of your little giggle. :)

* You love to be swaddled and fall asleep almost instantly when we wrap you up. We tried ditching the swaddle once you started rolling over but that did not work for you, at all. You ended up swinging your arms all over the place while you slept and woke up with scrapes on your precious little face. Mama ended up just buying you larger swaddles so you have plenty of room to move your arms and legs while still being wrapped up.

* You are officially big enough to wear hats and Mama is obsessed with putting them on you. You look adorable in all of them and we’re hoping that if we keep putting them on your head, you’ll get used to it and let us put cute hats on you forever! Look at how adorable you are!

* There have been some other exciting things that happened this month for us! You finally got to meet your cousin H and even though the two of you didn’t really pay attention to each other, we know you’re going to be total buds!

* Your very own amber necklace has arrived and it looks so cute on you! Sister bear had one when she was a baby too but hers was a light honey gold color. You are showing all the signs that teething has begun, so we’re hoping your amber helps you as much as it helped sissy.

* You went to your very first baseball game with Mommy and Gaga and I’m told you had an absolute blast! I was sad that the game was during a workday and that I wasn’t able to go with you, but Mommy made sure to send me lots of pics of my adorable baseball boy. You could not have looked cuter in your “little man” bandana bib and “H is for Hunk” hat! Gaga and Mommy said that the fans in the seats around you thought you were the cutest little boy on earth and I would have to agree!

* And your absolute favorite things are still ceiling fans, your blankie, your binkie and cuddles. Here’s a picture of you looking all excited at the ceiling fan in our room, lol! You’re wearing the elephant onesie we bought for you a year ago at the Farmers Market. I still can’t believe you’re actually here and wearing the special things we collected for you when you were still just a dream in our hearts.

Your Mamas and sissy love you so very much! Everyone loves you, sweet boy!
On to month five. :)


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  1. You need not feel guilty about the hair loss. That is a natural process and was not caused by your treatments. Your treatments were fine.

    1. Thanks. :) That's what I was told by several people when I posted something about his hair loss on IG. Gracie didn't have cradle cap, baby acne or baby eczema like her brother has had, so this has all been new territory for us. Poor little guy... Thankfully the acne completely cleared up within about 2 months, his hair is growing back and we've learned what to do to treat his eczema!

  2. I am considering glass bottles for my first and only due in 25 days (who's counting..) I like the silicon cover on your baby's bottle. What brand is it? Do you recommend it? Should I look into others? Sorry for the questions... looking for advice from veteran mommas 😊

  3. I disappeared but am trying to get back to regular blogging. I just had to check in with you guys! G&W are just perfect! He is such a happy baby and she is clearly an amazing big sister :)


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