Wednesday, October 11, 2017

5 Months of William

Ok Sonnie, I have a secret to tell you… Today is your half-birthday! (Ekkkkk!) This means that Mama is waaaaayyy late posting about you at 5 months old… but since I started writing this letter to you several weeks ago, Mama’s still going to post it, ok? Ok. Glad we cleared that up!

You, my little stinker, appeared to have hit a growth spurt in month five because you suddenly grew out of so much of your adorable outfits faster than we could have you wear lots of them! Like, I’m talking stuff with tags packed away that were never worn. Mama tried to have you sport a few favorites even though they clearly didn’t fit, but when I could see your ankles and wrists, I knew it just wasn’t going to happen, haha! You’re our super lean green bean measuring above average in height but only around the 17th percentile for weight. Translation, you’re the opposite of sister bear at this age – long and skinny and I must say, you are the happiest skinny as a green bean baby who ever lived! Like seriously, the happiest! You’re eating baby cereal; your baby eczema is finally doing better and your hair is growing back. You adore your big sis and seem to be more aware of her presence now, because you laugh even more at her crazy antics than ever before. You still love to cuddle and have become a co-sleeper with mommy and me, jumping in bed with us every morning at around 4am to snuggle up. Most mornings, you fall right back to sleep and we could easily put you back in your bed, but we love to cuddle too, so we keep you sandwiched between us until the house wakes up. Morning time in our “big bed” continues to be the best part of our day, with you and sister all wrapped up watching cartoons while Mavie lies near our feet. Mommy and I often smile at one another during this cuddle time as if to say without words, can you believe this is our life! Honestly son, we can’t believe it and we have you and sister bear to thank for that. Little moments like our morning cuddles are everything to us!

We are beyond happy that the sensitive skin issues you’ve had for most of these past 5 months seem to finally have cleared up! Poor little dude, you’ve had such a hard time since you were around 3 weeks old. First you developed baby acne, which quickly covered your entire body and not just your face like it does with most babies. Mommy and I thought it would never go away, but then about 6 weeks later, it finally cleared up. Right around this time you developed cradle cap and lost all your beautiful hair. This was hardest on mama because I loved your hair. You were bald up until month 3, when a little peach fuzz started coming in, which made us so happy. Around the same time that your hair fell out, we started noticing some red patches of skin on your arms and the back of your legs and in no time you had dry patches, irritation, breaks in your skin and were basically covered from head to toe in a rash, 24/7. I asked about it at your 3-month visit, but was told that you were just adjusting to life outside the womb. When it got worse and again your doc said it was nothing to worry about, I did a little research, decided you had baby eczema and began treating it accordingly. This was finally confirmed a month later, which broke my heart because we could have acted sooner and prevented so much discomfort for you had we just trusted our intuition. I guess the good thing is that at least we now know how to properly care for your skin and it’s looking 100% better! Yay!    

---> 5 Month Stats <---

Weight: 14.7 pounds
Height: 26 inches tall

During your most recent wellness check-up, the nurse taking your measurements wrote down that you were 26 inches, even though I watched you get measured and you were clearly 27 inches. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t a big deal, but for record keeping purposes (you’re really 27 inches)! This visit was hilarious because it solidified the fact that you and your pediatrician are legit besties! Dr. J has told us before that you’re her favorite baby and I swear she spends about an hour visiting with us every time we come in, but I’ve never been more convinced of her love for you as I was following this appointment. I mean, just look at these pictures!

Month FIVE highlights!

* You LOVE to eat! I’m talking 3 servings of organic baby cereal per day in addition to your regular bottles. Mama made you food for the first time a few weeks ago and you love it now, but for most of month 5, you were all about the baby cereal.

* For the first time ever, you seem to have an awareness of “strangers” and you don’t want anyone holding you unless you know who they are. If we hand you off to someone you don’t know, you’ll turn your head and won’t take your eyes off us until you’re back in our arms. Is it bad that it makes me feel are warm and special when you do this? It’s like I can see in your eyes how much you want to be back with us and it makes Mommy and me feel so loved. Sometimes you’ll even cry for us!

* You’ve started to notice other babies at play dates and will roll in their direction to examine their faces, even reaching out to touch them if they’re close enough. I noticed this several times at your most recent baby hangout because your baby buds were all pretty fussy and you spent your time watching them cry as you tried grabbing onto their clothing and meanwhile they didn’t look over at you once, haha!

* You LOVE your Jumper! Sister was nice enough to let you have the one she had as a baby and you are obsessed with it. Mommy and I love that we can sit you in there and you will grab at the hanging toys, bounce to your heart delight and babble for 30-45 minutes! It gives us the chance to get all sorts of things done – God bless it!

* Your new favorite hobby is to watch sister sing and thankfully she pretty much sings all day long! She’ll put on little performances for you and has your undivided attention the entire time. One thing that always calms you when you’re fussy is when we sing, “You Are My Sunshine” and when you’re upset and sister sings it, you stop crying instantly! It’s amazing!

* You are teething like crazy, you little drool machine! You chew on everything, including us and have to wear a bib 24/7 or we end up having to change your top 3-5 times in one day! Thankfully your mamas are obsessed with bandana bibs and you have about a million, so we're more than happy to coordinate them with what you’re wearing everyday. :)

* Mama gave you your first hair cut! It was decided that your baby comb over looked way too much like Trumps horrible hair and we just couldn’t have that, so we cut it off! One day Mama sat you in sisters pink Boppy and very carefully trimmed the random, super long hairs you had and left you looking so very handsome! Everyone loved your new look!

And more pictures, of course! A few from the work picnic we went to where you were the star of the event and a few pictures of you and sister bear, because you two are the most beautiful babies who ever lived!


  1. I just can't with this kid's cuteness!!!! The smiles. My goodness, the smiles! Swoon. I know it is cheesy to say, trust me I heard it before, but that baby was MEANT for this family. Took him long enough to get there, but wow, a perfect fit.

  2. Bring on the cheese because I feel the exact same way! And I'm loving the 5 year age gap, which worried me so much as we were TTC Will. Now I can't imagine what it would be like if they were 2 or less years apart. I would probably pull my hair out! Ha!


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