Monday, November 6, 2017

6 Months of William // Happy ½ Birthday!

Happy half-birthday, Sonnie Bear! Can you believe that you’re already halfway to celebrating your first birthday? Mama still feels like you were just born a few weeks ago, so I just can’t believe that you’re my big 6-month-old who rolls over, says actual words, sits up on his own, holds his own bottle and eats dinner with us at the table! These past 6 months have been some of the happiest and busiest for our family. Thankfully, you have been and continue to be our go-with-the-flow baby, always smiling and willing to be carted all over town. You nap on the go, eat on the go and sleep anywhere, even when it’s super noisy. You LOVE your family and laugh at us all day long. You seem to really recognize the people you’re closest too now and give us the biggest smiles while kicking your feet, anytime you see us! You can reach your arms out when you want to be picked up and when you wake up next to Mommy and me in bed, you’ll touch our faces and babble on and on to wake us up. The other morning you actually stuck your finger right up Mommy’s nose to wake her, haha! Mama thought it was hilarious! Sister is still your favorite human and lately she seems to be more into entertaining you too. She gets laughs out of you like no one else can and it melts me and Mommy’s heart, every time.

You are such a “talker” these days and babble to yourself and to us. Sometimes you let out these long “monster sounds”, as Gracie would call them that can stretch for 15-20 seconds, which always crack us up! I know people won’t believe me when I say this, but you LOVE to be tickled. Sister and I will lay on the bed or couch with you and have epic tickling sessions and you just can’t get enough! You eat a ton – way more than sister bear did at your age. You eat so much that the first 30-day batch of homemade baby food I made for you only lasted you 3 weeks. Now I find myself whipping up baby food throughout the week just to keep up with your growing appetite! Such a good eater. :)

Growth Stats | Height: 27 inches (67%) | Weight: 15 pounds, 7 ounces (13%)
You’re still our tall and skinny green bean! You are comfortably fitting in size 3 diapers and you’re wearing 6-9 month size clothing, which are usually loose on the belly, but the length is perfect for those long legs of yours. The shoes that fit best right now are 3-6 month size, as the 6-9 months pairs are still a bit too big.

Nicknames | Sonnie, Sonshine, Brother, Sonnie Booboo Bear, Son, Brother Bear, Willy (Gracie’s the only one who calls you this one, ha!) and Lovie. We pretty much never call you by your actual name. I hadn’t noticed this until mama’s BF came to visit for the Balloon Fiesta. On the last day she was with us she said, “You know what I just realized? None of you have called or referred to Will by his name the whole time I’ve been here”! She thought it was the funniest thing. What can I say, we just really love your cute nicknames I guess!

6 Months | You LOVE…

* Eating all the yummy organic food Mama’s been making you! You started with eating one small cube of baby food per meal, but now you’re eating 2 cubes, 2-3 times a day + organic quinoa baby cereal + 5-6 bottles daily that are 5-6 ounces. So basically, you eat a ton and we can’t figure out how you’re still so skinny! At 6 months old, we’ve introduced avocado, peas, squash, carrots, banana, sweet potato and black beans into your diet. You seem to love avocado, banana and carrots the most. We’ve also started doing a bit of baby lead weaning, letting you hold foods on your own and gnaw on them. So far, pickles are your absolute favorite food to feed yourself!

* You’re happy as a clam wearing hats now and thank goodness because your mama is obsessed with babies in hats! We started getting you used to them at 2 months old, when your head was just big enough for your smallest hat and the rest is history! Mama started buying you all sorts of adorable hats when you were still growing in Mommy’s belly, so seeing you actually wear them fills Mama’s heart with so much happiness. I mean, just look at how cute you look! Ekkkkk!

* You are really into touching faces these days. When someone is holding you, you will reach out and gently hold each side of their face. You also like holding hands with us. Every morning when you come to our bed between 2-4am, you and I will hold hands while you fall back to sleep. It’s the sweetest!

* Eating your hands and really just putting everything in your mouth is another thing you enjoy doing. You started holding your bottle a few months ago but would only make it a few minutes before growing tired. Now you can feed yourself an entire bottle like such a big boy and you don’t even need it propped up any longer! This helps your mamas out in the mornings, but any other time of day we would prefer to still be the ones to feed you.

* You’ve started dancing and it’s just the cutest! Whether it’s to music or to the little songs we sing to you, you’ll kick your legs and arch your back while bouncing up and down. You, of course laugh anytime you dance, which makes you look like the happiest little man on the planet. This is one of Mommy’s favorite milestones!

* You need your binky when it’s bed time and anytime you get fussy in the car and you must have your Boppy to sleep at night. Mommy and I were so worried to leave you sleeping on it, since we would prefer to not have any pillows in your bed, but then you wouldn’t sleep through the night. Since you have the Owlet heartrate and oxygen monitor, we decided to let you have your Boppy and we’ve all been much happier sleepers since!

* Other favorite things include: frozen teethers, your jumper, anything that lights up, watching cartoons with sister, watching your doggie Mavie run around like a maniac, Mama’s necklaces, sleeping with your face touching Mommy’s face, and your Life Factory chewies! You also remain to be such a cuddle bug, which makes your mamas so happy!

6 Months | Highlights!

* You started sitting up on your own at 5 months, 1 week old! When you first mastered this, you made the funniest sounds as you were blown away at your new skill! Mama was lucky enough to catch this on video! Thankfully you learned how to do this right before your 6-month half-birthday photo shoot and we were so happy about that! Way to go, brother bear!

* Mommy and I now have confirmation that your first word is definitely MAMA! You say it 100% clearly and seem to recognize that I am Mama! Hearing you say “MAMA, Maaamaa, mamamamamama” is like music to my ears! In the past 2 weeks, you’ve started saying “baba” (bottle) and “Mum” too!

* You took your first nap in your nursery and were not a big fan of it. Because you’re still so little and sleep swaddled, Mommy and I didn’t remove all your stuffed animals but will once you’re really sleeping in there. I’m thinking your nursery may be just a bit too quiet because you only slept for 45 minutes before waking and calling out to us. Of those 45 minutes, we stared at the screen watching you for most of that time, haha!

* You went to your first college football game and you were, without a doubt the cutest baby boy in the whole place! We joined Nani and Grandpa K at the UNM Homecoming game (UNM is where Mama went to college and graduated from) and along with friends and family, we tailgated and ate lots of yummy food before watching the big game. You wore the same UNM track suit that your big sis wore when she was a baby, which is an adorable hand-me-down Mama was given by a friend that her son wore as a baby. As luck would have it, we ran into these friends and they got to see the adorable little Lobos outfit their son Frank wore 11 YEARS before! Frank’s Dad was nearly in tears at the sight of it and was so happy that it’s still being worn by little Lobo fans!

* We also took you to your first State Fair Day and you did great! You stayed awake for most of the day and loved watching all the people passing as well as the lights on all the rides. Gaga came with us and you and sister were all smiles all day.

You’ve been quite the hit with Gracie’s school buds and a favorite amongst the other parents. We took you to your first school event for Gracie’s Family Science Night and you were wide-eyed and just as into the experiments and activities as sister was! I shouldn’t say this out loud for fear of jinxing us, but you’re just so easy to take places. I always forget this until we’re out and about, around other babies crying as most babies do, while you’re just there chillin’ with a smile on your face. Our friends and family cannot believe just how chill you are and keep telling us that your “difficult phase” will come, but so far – no screaming or hysterics...

The biggest challenge we’ve had over the past month has been helping you deal with constipation. We decided to feed you bananas in one form or another for over a week and it wasn’t until you stopped pooping and seemed grumpy and really uncomfortable for the first time that we remembered you can’t feed babies bananas for days on end! We knew this, but it’s amazing all the things you forget when you haven’t had a baby in 5 years... You really are the happiest baby, but not being able to poop would make anyone cranky! So sorry Sonnie.

In month 7 we’re looking forward to more baby led weening and we’re hoping that you’ll start army crawling in the next couple of weeks! We’re going to the Chinese Lantern Festival this month, which Mama knows you will love and this month we’ll also celebrate our first Thanksgiving with you, our little turkey. Yay!  

Happy Half-Birthday, my smiley boy. :)


  1. oh how precious! I can't believe how fast the time has passed. I can't wait to see what you do for his 1st birthday.

    1. Thanks so much! It's unbelievable how quickly this first year is going! I should probably start planning his first birthday party now, since I know it will be here in the blink of an eye! :)


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