Thursday, November 30, 2017

7 Months of William & Gracie Update!

You guys, we have a 7-month-old-soon-to-be-8-month-old-big-boy! Say what?! Yes, it’s true, and I just know that in a blink, we’ll have a one year old, because it’s already Christmas time, and then it’ll be New Year, and then we’ll be flying through Valentine’s Day, and then Gracie will turn 6 and BAM – we’ll have a ONE year old! I’ve tried to slow time. I’ve been in zero rush for this baby boy of ours to reach milestones. I’ve been so intentional in my efforts to soak up all of his new baby sweetness; photographing all the moments, taking advantage of every opportunity to cuddle and actually blogging about it all – and still, I feel as though his baby days are slipping through my fingers faster than I can hold on to them.

William is such a happy, calm and gentle-natured baby. The kid never cries. I’ve only heard him produce one hysterical screaming cry in his 7 months and it was just last week when he smacked himself in the face with a giant toy that I probably shouldn’t have let him play with. Even then, he only cried for like a minute. It takes virtually nothing to get the biggest smiles from him and he just loves to be with us. He adores his big sister and she thinks he’s pretty awesome too. A few weeks ago, sister decided that she was a big girl and could pick her brother up and walk all over the house with him, whenever she felt like it… We’ve told her time and time again that she’s not quite big enough to do this, but girlfriend will NOT listen. If he’s doing tummy time, playing in his play yard or laying on our bed, she’ll just snatch him up! It gives me a heart attack every time and I’m just not sure what to do about it… How can I punish a sweet sister who just wants to be a little mama to her brother?! All suggestions on how to handle this are welcome, btw. At the end of the day, it just isn’t safe and I know I need to nip it in the bud (even though it’s so dang cute to see her hold him because he’s almost as tall as she is). It doesn’t help that Will’s extremely light, hello 13th percentile for weight. I’m thinking that because he isn’t heavy, Gracie’s like, chill mom – I got this!

You know that saying, no two kids are alike. My God, is it so true! We were told by friends and family that just because we already had a little one, that didn’t mean we could expect baby #2 to be a repeat of their older sibling and as it turns out, Will and Grace could not be more different! Gracie has been a ball of energy since she entered the world. As a baby, 0-12 months, she never stopped making noise and was always super active. She started talking early, had the vocabulary of a baby 3 months older than her at each stage of development, (according to her pediatrician) and she was and still is as heavy as a bag of rocks! Grace’s always been on the shorter side for height, but soooo heavy. She’s a very emotional gal, which is wonderful and challenging at the same time. She feels all the feels, is super independent and so very vocal. Then you have Will. He’s just this mellow and observant baby boy who doesn’t fuss or make any kind of loud noise, most of the time. He’ll babble to let us know he’s awake in the morning and will occasionally make these funny sounds when chewing on a teether, but for the most part, he’s content to just chill and watch everyone. So far, he hasn’t shown us much of a range of emotion, other than being happy 24/7. He had his first stomach bug 2 weeks ago and was all smiles in-between vomiting all over the place! Unlike his big sister, he’s all legs, tall and super skinny. He seems to be content giggling and saying “MumMumMamaamamama Mama Mum” all day and will let out a bit of a grunt if he’s fed-up with something!

* Growth Stats | Height: 27 1/2 inches | Weight: 16 pounds, 8 ounces

* Nutrition | Another huge difference that we’ve noticed between the two, has been in Will’s diet and food preferences. Unlike Gracie at 7 months, all he wants to eat is the organic baby food I make him and drink bottles. We have this cool mesh feeder that we put fruit in for him to gnaw on and he still loves to gnaw on pickles, but that’s about it. When it comes to weaning foods, he gags, lol! Georgia bought some organic puffs that we’re going to give him this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.

* Vocabulary | He can say “mama”, “mum”, “baba” and “dada”. Georgia just loves when he says that last one, especially since he can’t say mommy yet, lol!

* Developmental Milestones | Will can now waive “Hi” to us! Apparently, his Papa taught him how to do this like a month ago and just didn’t think to mention it, lol. Once Papa told us, we started waiving at Will non-stop until we finally got to see his little waive for ourselves. It melts my heart every time! He can also clap now and gets so excited when he does, which makes us get excited and before you know it, everyone in the room is clapping and cheering! It’s too funny. Will’s also become aware of other babies and tries to interact with them, even if they look back at him like he’s an alien, haha! He’s hung with a few baby bro’s and it usually ends with him reaching out to his fellow baby with a big smile on his face, while the other baby cries bloody murder. Little dude also recognizes himself in the mirror now and LOVES his reflection! Like, his favorite thing is to look at himself in the mirror… I don’t know who he gets that from… ;)

* Clothing | I did the first big sorting and packing up of clothes that Will has grown out of a few weeks ago and it was tough. There are some little outfits we purchased for our babe in the years before he was conceived and while G was pregnant and I have a seriously emotional attachment to them. To have to go through piles of clothing and see just how much he’s already grown out of - is heartbreaking!

* What we’ve been up to | Georgia and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this past month and spent the evening with the kiddos at the Chinese Lantern Festival, which was absolutely beautiful. We had never gone before and thought that G & W would enjoy the lights and they totally did. Gracie was in such a mood that night, I think she was exhausted, but Will was so into it and stared at everything in absolute amazement. Now that I’m thinking about that outing, I’m realizing just how much he’s developed even since then. This was 3 weeks ago and if we were to take him today, he’d been sitting up trying to get out of his stroller and reaching for everything. It’s nuts how fast these babies grow and change!  

And that about wraps month 7 up for us! Our guy is healthy, happy and learning new things all the time and that’s all his moms could ask for! Here’s a few more pics of our almost 8 month old, because, adorable!

S I S T E R // B E A R

I’ve been wanting to start incorporating mini-updates on Gracie in Will’s monthly posts, because the Bean is doing all sorts of amazing things and I want them recorded in our family blog + I feel guilty not writing about her as much as I used to. So, this is basically going to be a brag-fest about big sis!

* Gracie is Student of the Month right now! We had absolutely no idea because she didn’t mention it, but thankfully Georgia just happened to be in the school’s main lobby a few weeks ago and noticed her picture on the board. The Student of the Month theme for November was “Kindness” and I’m not surprised at all that she was highlighted during the kindness month. Our sweet girl. Her teachers have told us since she was 2.5 years old that she’s one of the most compassionate kids in class. We’re so proud of her! :)

* Our gal learned how to hula hoop and it wasn’t so easy for her, but she did it and now she’s awesome at it! Grace was given 2 hula hoops for her 4th birthday and they just kinda lived in the back of her closet until about a month ago. She took them out and decided that she was going to hula hoop. We couldn’t help her because have you tried hula hooping as an adult?! It’s ridiculously hard and it’s not like I could step in and help her move her hips faster, so she had to just figure it out. There were a few frustrating moments because, like anything else for Gracie, if she doesn’t get something right away –  it drives her crazy! Fast-forward a few weeks and TA-DA…

* In the Bean’s parent/teacher conference 2 weeks ago, we learned that not only is she doing amazing in class (as in, zero deficiencies or concerns), but she’s testing at a first-grade level! First grade, month 2, to be exact. Georgia and I were blown away when the teacher pulled up the bars and graphs showing that she’s testing a year ahead. It almost made me cry, I was so proud. We told the teacher that we still wanted to know what we could work on with her, because we know she isn’t perfect and we want to keep pushing and challenging her, so we walked away with some things to work on, mostly working on spelling really big words, lol. My little smarty pants!

* Our little Sporty Spice joined her school’s soccer team a few months ago and loves it! G took her to pick out some soccer gear before the season began and no surprise, she went with pink, pink and more pink. She has practice weekly and has told us that she’s, “really improving on her skills”!

* Big sister-ing has come so naturally to our gal and the fact that she’s in kindergarten and learning how to read, could not have been timed better. She can read you guys, like actually read books (I’m still so amazed) and she loves to “teach brother” all the stuff she learns. She’ll use her chalkboard to teach him lessons and pretend she’s his teacher. She has her baby bro smiling and laughing all day, everyday! Heart melts. :)

This is a video from two months ago of Will watching sister do her computer homework. It’s one of my favorites!

* And our girl’s an awesome sous-chef, always there to help mama with making Will’s baby food. She’s so into it too. She wants to be the one to cut the veggies and fruit and she loves pouring the finished product into the ice trays. Does it take twice as long when you have a 5-year-old sous-chef? Sure does, but it’s worth it to see how excited it makes her. My sweet girl.



  1. I came across your blog recently and spent the last days reading through everything; I'm so glad that everything worked out and you got to have your second child! Your family is so beautiful, Gracie seems like an amazing sister and Will is just the most adorable little ham ever. :)

  2. Well, this comment just made my Monday a whole lot better! Thanks so much for following our journey and for the sweet comment! I often wonder if anyone out there is still reading my random thoughts and stories, after having blogged all these years... So it always makes me so happy to actually hear from someone who is following along. Welcome to More Than Words! Come back and visit us again soon. :)

  3. Oh, I always eagerly await your updates! I hope you never abandon this blog; this has happened with some others I've been following, I'm still wondering how they're doing today. :/

    1. Fingers crossed I can keep it going for at least a few more years! As a middle-child, the second born, I always give my mom a hard time about all the things she did for my brother that she didn't do once I came along... ;) I've promised William that I'll blog for him too, so now I HAVE TO, haha! Thanks Charlotte :)


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