Monday, December 4, 2017

2017 | Holiday Bucket List

A Holiday Bucket List! Why have I never thought to do this in the 7 years that I’ve been writing in this space? To-do lists are hella motivating for me, as I assume they are for most people. I love to be able to actually do the things I’ve set out to do, because what mom doesn’t want to feel all organized and super accomplished during the stressful holiday season? I enjoy thinking outside the box, like coming up with creative and new things for the fam to do each year when I make our Summer Bucket List, so why not do the same for Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate?! Best part is, this is going to provide some serious motivation to get better about blogging (for those of you who often go MIA, like me) while also allowing for the sharing of stories and pictures of all our fun Christmas shenanigans this December and January!

And even better – what if all of you out in blogland, join in on this with me, and we all celebrate the best time of year together -- and share in each others misery when holiday functions don’t go exactly as planned... #momfailholidayedition

So, here’s what I propose. Make a list of activities that you really want to do with your family and friends this holiday season. Your list can include fun outings, crafting projects, special events and traditional things that you love to do this time of year and feel free to include any holiday fun you’ve already had, because it is December 4th, after all. Your Holiday Bucket List posts don’t have to be long. They can be super short, for example: Holiday Bucket List #1: Visit Santa (and then you share pictures of your kiddos visiting Santa, and maybe a funny story about how the furnace busted at the piece of shit studio where you took pictures, so you were a sweaty mess that nearly had an emotional breakdown while your son cried his eyes out the entire time he sat on Santa’s lap. Yep, that’s our 2017 Santa story… Gracie looked adorable. William, the boy who never cries, cried, Mommy tried to keep it all together and Mama lost her shit. End of Santa story, wahaahahaaa!    

I know I’ve been told by several friends in the blogosphere that they wish they made time to write more. So, here’s your chance, no excuses! Make your Holiday Bucket List, share said list, link your post to mine and hopefully the holiday joy will continue to spread! Here’s my family’s list and so far and we’ve already scratched a few things off!

2017 // Holiday Bucket List

v Take brother to meet Santa for the 1st time!
v Make homemade ornaments
v Get matching Christmas jammies
v Hang Christmas lights
v Attend the Old Town Holiday Shop & Stroll
v Decorate the Christmas tree
v Make a Christmas wish list
v Go watch Sister Bear in her school’s Holiday Celebration Concert
v Make Christmas cookies
v Select a baby Christmas tree for little bro
v Have a holiday date night
v Fill a sack of toys to donate to kiddos in need
v Take a drive to see Christmas lights
v Go to a holiday party
v Host a family cookie exchange
v Decorate Gracie’s bedroom Christmas tree
v Send out Christmas cards
v Visit the Botanic Garden River of Lights
v Welcome Twinkle Toes home for Christmas (our Elf on the Shelf)
v Make a gingerbread house
v Try a fun new Christmas cocktail
v Watch Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer

And because these pictures are still adorable (tears, anxiety-inducing sweat and all) and I want to motivate you to share all your holiday stuff; the perfect and the imperfectly perfect, here’s the rest of our Santa pics. Now hurry up and get started on those lists! ;)


  1. I love the Santa pics! Especially the big family one. :)

    I'm not much of a bucket list person but I am trying to blog more. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! I was so surprised that the family one came out as good as it did (even with Gracie's "I'm over it" face)! You can't tell in the family pic, but I literally had sweat dripping down the side of my face, lol! The studio is located in a really old building and they couldn't get a hold of the owner regarding the heat. Our photographer's husband came to say he was sorry about the heat and told us that the last he looked at the temp it was in the 90's!! We ended up taking mall Santa pics right after because we were convinced that they were going to be terrible, but there ended up being quite a few that were really cute! Yay!

      Bucket lists help me to blog more but they're not for everyone and that's ok too! :)


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