Friday, December 22, 2017

8 Months of William

Hi Sonnie! This is going to be a super quick monthly update because it’s 3 days until Christmas, your uncle’s flight comes in tonight and Mama still has so much to get done! This will be your first Christmas (well second if you count last year when you were in Mommy’s belly) and you have helped to make it so very special! I would have to say that we’ve done more family festive things this holiday season with you and sister, than we have in years and how could we not! We’re just so excited that you’re here with us that we want to do ALL the things!

Here is what you, our big handsome 8-month-old has been up to this past month:

* You celebrate your first Thanksgiving at uncle D and auntie A’s house! You wore the cutest little “My 1st Thanksgiving” shirt with blue slacks and dirtied several Thanksgiving bibs that you inherited from big sis! You tried a nibble of mashed potatoes for the first time, had whipped cream thanks to your uncle D who doesn’t care if we have a no sugar rule, haha! You watched the Dallas Cowboys play, as they always do on Thanksgiving and were the light of our family gathering. Gaga joined all of us along with Nani and Grandpa K and we all ate, visited and took turns loving on you! It was such a great day – here’s some pictures!

* You’ve started feeding yourself! You’ve been great with baby led weaning up to this point, but it’s always involved us handing you something big to gnaw on. This past month we introduced organic puffs and organic yogis into your diet and watched in amazement as you easily picked them up and put them directly into your mouth! This required you to use your pincer grasp, which is something we didn’t know you could do! You are now obsessed with these goodies (they are your favorite treat), so we take them with us when we’re on the go.

* You can stand up and hold on to stuff all on your own! Up to this past couple of weeks, you were just too tall, skinny and wobbly to do this, so Mommy and I were shocked when you seemed to find your bearings and not only began standing without assistance, but also holding on while playing with toys at the same time! Wowsers, we’re so proud of you!

* You are a little dare devil and it’s all Mommy’s fault! She watched a video years ago of Neil Patrick Harris holding his daughter when she was a one year old as she stood on his hands, suspended in the air, relying on just her balance to keep from falling. Mommy loved the video and decided that when we had our next baby, she was going to teach them how to do this… Well guess what son; you’re that baby, so get ready because I feel you have quite a bit of acrobatics in your future! When Mommy first showed me the trick in this video, I about died! The new rule is that she must teach you these stunts over the bed or couch! Mommy says she can feel you engaging your core and balancing like a champ when you do these stunts, but still – safety first! Her goal is to teach you to stand in the palm of her hand and eventually be able to elevate you up over her head (while standing). #howtogivemomaheartattack

Other than learning all sorts of new stuff, trying new foods (you now LOVE pesto pasta) and going on all sorts of adventures, we are just loving every day with you and can't believe that you're just 4 months away from being a year old!

We especially love your stinky feet!

Here’s more of your cuteness :)

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