Wednesday, December 27, 2017

HBL | Twinkle Toes | Year 4

Our little elf, Twinkle Toes made her 4th trip to our casa, all the way from the North Pole this year and she was a hit! Grace believes in her elf with all her heart and gets such a kick out of her daily visits, which begin on December 1st and end on the 24th. The mamas LOVE Twinkle Toes as well, because she’s the handiest tool for keeping Gracie in line, lol! Anytime that holiday, sugar-induced sassiness begins, we just have to remind the Bean that TT is watching and WILL report bad behavior to Santa. It works like a charm every.single.time - God bless it!
Watching our gal run out of her room every morning to search for Twinkle Toes is just about the cutest thing ever and we didn’t even mind the minor scares we had that were a result of early morning screams of excitement. We picked up a few toys and goodies from the $1-$5 section at Target and every couple of days our elf brought the Bean a little something, which she thought was the most amazing thing! Her first gift was a big envelope for Grace to use when mailing her wish list to Santa and she was thrilled to get it! My hope is that she continues to believe in this stuff for years to come! Or until middle school, at least.
A few highlights from this year include the personalized letter TT brought for Gracie the first day she arrived and the lesson she helped us teach the Bean following her getting caught peeking in her stocking! Twinkle Toes took her stocking back to the North Pole that night, and thankfully she decided to bring it back on Christmas Eve. It was a really great lesson in patience for our gal and TT was a huge help.
{Here are a few favorite Twinkle Toes visits from this year } 

We only had one night that we forgot to move her this year (winning!!) but thankfully she had fallen over and Grace thought she moved all on her own, so it wasn’t a total fail! Gracie didn’t get her Elf on the Shelf until she was old enough to name her and we’re thinking we’ll do the same with Will, so for the next 2 years, TT will just have to visit them both. :)

 2017 // Holiday Bucket List
* Take brother to meet Santa for the 1st time!
* Make homemade ornaments
* Get matching Christmas jammies
* Hang Christmas lights
* Attend the Old Town Holiday Shop & Stroll
* Decorate the Christmas tree
* Make a Christmas wish list
* Go watch Sister Bear in her school’s Holiday Concert
* Go to the movies (preferably a Christmas movie)
* Make Christmas cookies
* Select a baby Christmas tree for little bro
* Have a holiday date night
* Fill a sack of toys to donate to kiddos in need
* Take a drive to see Christmas lights
* Find the perfect Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament
* Go to a holiday party
* Host a family cookie exchange
* Decorate Gracie’s bedroom Christmas tree
* Send out Christmas cards
* Visit the Botanical Garden River of Lights
* Welcome Twinkle Toes home for Christmas (our Elf on the Shelf)
* Make a gingerbread house
* Try a fun new Christmas cocktail
* Watch Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer

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