Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Bucket List // Decorate the Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree was the first “grownup purchase” I ever made, right after graduating from college. It’s been years since, and this year it was obvious that it needed to be replaced, which made me so very sad. Little did I know, Georgia had a huge surprise for me! She spent 3 days going to every hardware store in the city to find the lights with the correct voltage for my tree. She then stayed up after I went to bed the first part of last week replacing nearly 400 burned out lights on my beautiful tree! It now looks like it did that first year we put it together, all those years ago!

This was, without a doubt, one of the most romantic things that my sweet wife has done in the years that we’ve been together and it totally made my Christmas. Her poor little fingertips were red and tender for days from pulling out all those tiny bulbs from their even smaller plastic encasings, but she didn’t complain, she just wanted to do something to make me happy. How lucky am I?! *tears

Grace was so into decorating our newly refurbished tree and squealed every time we pulled out one of her “Gracie ornaments” and let me just tell you – when you’re an only child for 5 years, you get a lot of special ornaments just for you! She even did a good job of hanging them – translation, I only had to reposition like 5 instead of the usual 30, haha. Will sat next to Grace and took it all in with his big, bright eyes. Because we decorated at 7:30pm, he was pooped but didn’t want to take his eyes off the tree. Grace went through her box of kid-safe ornaments that we always let her decorate with and handed him one after another telling him stories about each, so excited to introduce him to our Christmas décor. And once that little guy got his hands on one, he wanted to grab them all. Eventually Gracie was playing interference with the ornaments making sure he didn’t put all of them in his mouth!   

I’m not sure how, but we seem to be on top of things this Christmas, which is shocking considering we now have another little one in our tribe. Santa pics were done the last week of November x 2. Yes, we visited two Santas for the first time and we’re not at all sorry about it, haha! Baby boy’s “First Christmas” ornaments were special ordered weeks ago and our matching Christmas jammies arrived yesterday in the mail! Our Christmas cards have been ordered thanks to a massive cyber Monday sale and already arrived and we somehow managed to decorate the Christmas tree the night before the 1st of December. I guess we do have our act together, sometimes. ;)

We ended our night of decorating, watching Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer (holiday bucket list – check!) and read Gracie’s Elf on the Shelf book before bedtime. Me and G then went on the hunt for Twinkle Toes, Gracie’s Elf on the Shelf and got her all situated for the morning and I honestly don’t know who was more excited for the Bean to wake up to her little elf, Grace or her mamas!

In other Christmas news, look at how cute this ornament is! We got it at the mall after our second Santa visit and I LOVE, love it! Do you guys even realize how long we’ve waited to have this exact ornament, with these TWO little faces? Well, I know you do, but I’m still just so excited that I had to share. :)

2017 // Holiday Bucket List
v Take brother to meet Santa for the 1st time!
v Make homemade ornaments
v Get matching Christmas jammies
v Hang Christmas lights
v Attend the Old Town Holiday Shop & Stroll
v Decorate the Christmas tree
v Make a Christmas wish list
v Go watch Sister Bear in her school’s Holiday Celebration Concert
v Make Christmas cookies
v Select a baby Christmas tree for little bro
v Have a holiday date night
v Fill a sack of toys to donate to kiddos in need
v Take a drive to see Christmas lights
v Go to a holiday party
v Host a family cookie exchange
v Decorate Gracie’s bedroom Christmas tree
v Send out Christmas cards
v Visit the Botanical Garden River of Lights
v Welcome Twinkle Toes home for Christmas (our Elf on the Shelf)
v Make a gingerbread house
v Try a fun new Christmas cocktail
v Watch Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer
Here’s a few more pictures from our visit to Mall Santa! I wasn’t melting in these pictures (thank God), Will didn’t cry this time and G and Gracie looked adorable, as always. I’m thinking we may just pass on the fancy studio pics and go the mall Santa route from now on.

19 days until Christmas!


  1. It made me so happy to read this post ! I know how much you went thew to have your kids and to see how happy you are as 4 is so great ! I can't wait to read what else you check off your list !


    1. Aww, thanks so much Mary! I've been looking forward to this Christmas all year! Happy Holidays to you. :)

  2. I quadruple (see what I did there?) LOVE that ornament. The tree is fantastic and G earned a swoon worthy moment there. Your Santa is superb. Who knew the real deal was in New Mexico?!?!?!

    *I am going to have to remember this Christmas bucket list for next year. So fun!

    1. I see what you did there, lol! I wish I had thought of doing a Holiday Bucket List in October, so more people would have had time to participate but there's always next year! It looks like 3 blog friends have joined me, so that makes me happy!

  3. Love all of these pictures! Such a special time with kids and I know exactly how you feel about that ornament! Also, that little boy's smile gets me every time! <3

    1. Thanks so much! His smile is a heart-melter for sure! :)


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